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Stories from BC Scene Magazine's Archives
Travel, Tourism and Lifestyles in British Columbia

Adventure Islands: I call them the "Adventure Islands," because the North Pacific coast and archipelago have long been a magnet for adventurers and soldiers of fortune, including my father, who left the family's Seattle home for a post with the RCMP at Dawson City in the far Klondike. (continued)

Adventure Rails: Many who've lived in Canada for several decades, know about the love-hate relationship that existed between their forefathers and the CPR. To me, being a train fanatic, it was always a positive experience ... (continued).

Adventure Roads: Imagine yourself a time traveler. The year is 1942. The month is February - and our whole world is gripped by total war. For the moment, Axis forces hold the initiative, and for weeks following the Pearl Harbor disaster, every ship leaving North America's Pacific ports is threatened. (continued)

Fly in Style to a Fantasy Isle: Flight-seeing is a newly coined word that we first heard from Mark Duncan, Director General of Transport Canada Pacific Operations, who helped us create and launch Canada's first and only "Air Highways Supermap." That one word typifies a peak attraction of British Columbia's Coast, Inside Passage and Rockies. For Pacific Spirit Airlines, flight-seeing is an everyday occurrence; the airline's area of focus being the Gulf Islands.(Continued)

Hot Springs Heaven: The eternal ice fields wear a "necklace of thermal springs", fed from water trapped in fissures and caverns deep in the roots of the Rockies. Raging rivers, glutted by the seasonal runoff, churn and boil like some concoction from a giant soda fountain. Oh the joys of steamy, bubbly-hot, sulfur-scented waters; Solus Par Aqua (health by water) to the Romans; a sacred rite to Canada's native peoples, and Shangri-La to we hot springs fanatics. (continued)

Cruise BC-Alaska in the wake of Haida Chiefs, Great Explorers and Soldiers of Fortune. I challenge anyone to try to ignore the scenery surrounding them on the cruise from Vancouver to Alaska. From the soaring tree-clad mountains, to the looming glaciers, to the breathtaking waterfalls, the passing panorama is just so vast, so overwhelming, it would take the most cynical and world-weary not to be impressed by it. (Continued)

Canoe Journey: First Nations people from the Prince Rupert Hazelton area and points along the Inside Passage - joined Royal Canadian Mounted Police officers in Vision Quest. The 1,000 mile canoe journey, followed the Skeena River to the Pacific, then headed south in a month long event. The excitement and inspiration generated by everyone; the RCMP, First Nations people, communities, media, the film industry and those able to contribute financially, shows that a spirit of cooperation can transcend any barriers. (Continued)

Chilcotin Dreaming: For years I've dreamed of the big blank area on the map called the Chilcotin- the place where the icy splendor of the Coast Range yields to the aridity of the interior plateau; a forgotten land in modern day British Columbia, Canada. It's a land of superlatives; a place where back- roads run for hundreds of miles, adventurers find new opportunities for exploration and where wildlife still roams free. Continued)

Footloose in Vancouver: Having been footloose in Vancouver, British Columbia since the days of streetcars, interurban trams, White Lunch, Woodwards Toyland and Union Steamships, I consider the West End my special domain. Morning, noon or night, it's always an inviting place for rubber-neckers, casual strollers, browsers, grazers and window shoppers. A sea of umbrellas one moment, local denizens decked in everything from beachwear to high fashion the next. It's a passing parade, minus the 76 trombones-just waiting for you to follow along. (Continued)

There she stands, the sleek, silver-coated Avro CF-100, pride of the Royal Canadian Air Force; sassy as ever, her metallic body gleaming in the sunshine of another spring. At RCAF Base Trenton, north of Toronto, where I first saw her 'dance the skies,' this lady was Canada's debutante, a grand new star in the theater of the air. (Continued)

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