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Firefighting Copters and other stories from Air Highways Magazine


When he launched his career a few decades ago, Bruce Campbell probably hadn't the faintest idea of being in the helicopter business, or even in the aviation industry. So how did he end up getting totally involved with a helicopter fleet operation, fighting forest fires across Canada? In his other life, that which occurred prior to 1987, Bruce was an aspiring Canadian banker, starting off in Montreal, Quebec with the Bank of Montreal, then moving on to Toronto, Ontario, where he became Senior Vice President, Corporate Credit.

Canada's Galapagos:Give Grant Paulson a stretch of ocean to land on any day, even when the winds are blowing across the runway at some of Northern BC's more challenging airports. "It's a whole lot easier to bring your plane down on the ocean, providing the waves aren't too high," says Paulson, who flies a pontoon equipped Helio-Courier H295. Paulson is looking forward to scouting out the landing opportunities around Masset on the northern tip of the Queen Charlotte Islands after taking advantage of a unique real estate opportunity at the former military base.(Continued)

The BC Scene is a potpourri of natural and man made attractions and a kaleidoscope of panoramic vistas. As in our award winning theme "Many Worlds in One," British Columbia combines the geography of many lands, plus a culture that goes back thousands of years. Here are some links to stories and profiles on this site and in our maazine(s).

Whirlybirds and Burma Shave: During the Burma Shave era, when billboards and road signs were in full bloom across the countryside, the advertising slogan one would see for decades on billboards leading into BC from its neighbouring provinces and states was " Follow the Birds to Victoria." These signs with the familiar seagulls conjured up all sorts of images to entice the vacation bound traveller. Today, after years of receiving requests about Helijet Airways from readers in Southern California and as far away as Africa, I would change the slogan a little, to salute Canada's unique helicopter airline. (Continued)

Alberni and the Clayoquot: Like a giant arm reaching over halfway into Vancouver Island, Alberni Inlet is the channel from where BC forest products reach the open sea, bound for destinations near and far. Perched at the inlet's base is Port Alberni (pop. 28,000), linked to North American and world centres thanks to the Alberni Valley Airport." Our first scheduled air service has been a long time coming", says Bill Ellwyn, Director of the Alberni-Clayoquot Economic Development Commission. "People who haven't been able to reach us in the past will be able to buy to buy a ticket in Frankfurt, Tokyo or wherever, right through to Port Alberni. That's going to have a positive effect." (continued)

Gassy Jack's Stompin' Grounds
Just steps from Canada Place, where Alaska-bound cruise ships berth, the West Coast Express Train rolls in, and float planes take off for BC's Adventure Islands, historic Gastown begins. Its cobblestone streets and ornate lampposts mark this piece of history a living museum ... an area of charm, character and curiosity. From our editorial office overlooking "Maple Tree Square," and the statue of Gassy Jack, our staff and visitors witness this transformation daily ... (Continued)

Vancouver's Robsonstrasse: My brother Jean Pierre and I came to Vancouver from France, and like many Europeans who live here, my favorite venue is Robson Street, where Jean Pierre has his own studios for a decade. For many years, this ten block stretch was called "Robsonstrasse" because of its variety of German and Austrian shops, delis, coffee bars and great little restaurants. Last month we found out that the Heidelberg Restaurant, a fixture in Robson Square for generations is still going strong, it has moved down to Howe Street and is part of the City Centre Travelodge. (Continued)

The BC Scene is a potpourri of natural and man made attractions and a kaleidoscope of panoramic vistas. As we talked about in our award winning theme "Many Worlds in One," British Columbia combines the geography of many lands, from desert to seacoast and alpine meadows, plus a culture that goes back thousands of years. (Continued)