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Introduction to the BC Scene and our new travel business magazine
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Newsmakers on the Scene
Newsmakers: Air Highways Magazine and BC Scene, now available in one comprehensive package, provide comment from and about people in government at all levels, those who speak at our seminars and others who write for or have appeared in our magazines. On the quick index column (left) is a sample of the topics on our Editorial Menu.

NewsmakersBC Community Development and Tourism Scene
BC SCENE tells it like it is - and how it should be. We mirror British Columbia's Communities in the areas of Tourism, Transportation, Finance and Economic Development - all of which equal Employment. We desire to create an environment of optimism, understanding and employment for all British Columbians, promoting careful stewardship of the province's cultural treasures, wildlife and natural resources.

Demographics by Design

"The medium is the message." Marshall McLuhan

Geographic: Gateway Markets of Vancouver, Victoria, Seattle, Spokane, Portland, San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, San Diego, Calgary, Edmonton, Regina, Saskatoon.
Key contacts in Toronto, New York, Washington.

Occupation: we target individuals who influence medium to large groups of people; Chief Executive Officers, Travel Agency Owners, Meeting Planners, Managers and Purchasing Agents. Average age is 35-60, upper income, university educated.

Core distribution: 10, 500 copies. The list is designed in consultation with organizations that are devoted to serving key segments of the BC economy. Complimentary subscription copies will reach the top layer ( cream) of their circulation lists.

Ass'n of Canadian Travel Agents (ACTA-BC)
Association of Retail Travel Agents (
American Society of Travel Agents (
Asia Pacific Economic Council (
BC Automobile Association (BCAA)
BC Aviation Council (
BC Chamber of Commerce
BC Council of Forest Industries
BC Council of Tourism Associations (
BC Energy Producers- BC Gas, BC Hydro
BC Yukon Hotels Association (
CLIA: BC- Alaska Cruise Industry
Fraser River Basin Group
Greater Vancouver Gateway Council
Oceans Blue Foundation
Tourism British Columbia (
Crown Corp.)
Tourism Vancouver
Transport Canada Pacific Region
Union of BC Municipalities (
Vancouver Ports Corporation

Public Relations firms in New York, Chicago,
Los Angeles, Washington, DC, Ottawa, Toronto.
Embassies and Consulates, Libraries

Secondary Readership: The 40 Air Gateways that participated in our original Air Highways distribution plan (smaller centres).

Bonus Readership: Reruns for subscription and retail sales.
Internet: Contacts worldwide through our two extensive web sites.
Digital Resources - Content Providers to other print and electronic media by license.

Editorial Menu: British Columbia combines the geography of many lands, from desert to seacoast and alpine meadows, with a culture that goes back thousands of years. The following are items from past editions of our magazines, and previews of new features.


IMPORTANT WEBSITES: The following are a list of websites that
would be good to refer to throughout the election period:


Elections BC:

BC Business Summit:

BC Votes 2001:


BC Liberals:


Council of Tourism Associations of BC

Stories from our archives on a variety of topics.