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What is this salute?

Useful Sleep Tips for Travelers and Frequent Flyers:
Sleep Clinic Medical Director Offers Professional Advice for Fighting

Jet Lag and Travel Fatigue

Whether you are traveling a hundred miles by car or across many time zones by plane, your sleep is very important. Traveling across time zones offsets your circadian rhythm (aka sleep cycle), leading to the onset of what is colloquially referred to as jet lag.

Offering his expert tips on fighting jet lag and travel fatigue:

Dr. Robert Rosenberg
 is the medical director of two sleep disorder clinics in Arizona, and his 20 years of experience in the field of sleep medicine has been sought out by the likes of The Ricki Lake ShowOprah MagazineHuffington Post Live, and Newsweekto name a few.

Sleep Tips for Travelers
If you are traveling by car:

-       Make sure you get a good night’s sleep before the journey.

-       Stop every two hours to stretch and relax.

-       Avoid alcohol consumption the night before. This can cause problems with remaining sleep and may leave you dangerously sleepy the next day.

If traveling by plane:

-       Consider noise-canceling headphones or earplugs.

-       Drink plenty of fluids to combat the dry air and potential for dehydration while flying.

-       Consider wearing eyeshades while traveling in order to allow you to sleep.

-       If crossing many time zones to the east, try to get to bed one hour earlier daily until you are falling asleep three hours earlier.  When traveling to the west, get to bed one hour later until you are falling asleep three hours later.

-       Avoid bright light within a few hours of falling asleep at your destination.  Bright light will hinder your ability to fall asleep.  However, exposure to bright light in the morning at your destination will help to facilitate sleep at night.

-       If possible, try to get a flight that arrives at your destination in the evening and stay up until 10 PM local time before going to sleep.

At Your Destination:

-       The use of small doses of melatonin taken at bedtime at your destination may be helpful.  However, contact you health care provider first to see if there are any contraindications.

-       When choosing a hotel, try to get a room away from the elevator or ice machine.

-       Make sure the window shades work properly.

-       Avoid a room on the street.
-       Call ahead and request your pillow preference.
Contact: Steve Allen – Steve Allen Media – Media@steveallen.net – (661) 255-8283

Conquer Fear of Flying and Panic Attacks

Helpful hints on the following web site

Here's the url: http://www.fearfreeflying.co.uk/

Here are some highlights of the site:

For ease of use there are three ways to get straight to the information you want: If you Register for the FearFreeFlying monthly newsletter we'll let you know about the latest information that we have added along with any news that we think you'll find of interest.

Facts About Aerophobia

Fear of Flying as an Anxiety Disorder

Anxiety is a natural human experience sometimes with positive results as it serves to protect us from dangerous environments.

Fear of Flying and Panic Attacks

An extreme or irrational fear of flying or aerophobia, can manifest itself in many ways, suffering from strong physical symptoms..

Aerophobia Clinics and Courses

Fear of Flying Components

There are many factors that can affect the anxiety levels experienced by a nervous flyer.

Fear of Flying in Children

Although a fear of flying is a lot less frequent in children there are some minors who can develop aerophobia.

Fear of Flying Symptoms

As each person's perception of their phobia and reactions to their phobia are very individual the symptoms experienced are eq ...

Fear of Flying and Travel Sickness

Being worried about suffering from motion sickness during a flight can raise levels of anxiety in many people.

Medical Issues Concerning Aerophobia

The symptoms of aerophobia can have a very strong effect on the biological and physiological processes of a person...

Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP)

NLP or neuro-linguistic programming is a form of therapy that can be used for dealing with many situations in every day life.

Get the full aforyl: http://www.fearfreeflying.co.uk/