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Great Santa Fe Horse Race- The Ride of a Lifetime

Endurance Race Traces Historic Trail From Santa Fe to Missouri

Santa Fe, NM&endash; Up to 100 teams of horseback riders are expected to take part in the first annual Great Santa Fe Trail Horse Race Endurance Ride this September. The race will follow, as closely as possible, the route of the Santa Fe Trail, America's first commercial highway running from Franklin, Missouri to Santa Fe from 1821 to 1880.

The race begins on September 3 just outside Santa Fe, New Mexico and will end 13 days later just east of the Kansas border in Missouri; a riding distance of over 500 miles and a total distance of more than 800 miles. Each riding day will be 50 or 55 miles in length. There will be several rest days along the route when teams will move to new locations but without any riding being done.

• Three types of teams will compete: The type 1 teams have one rider who rides one horse or a number of different horses throughout the event but can only ride one horse per day/leg. Type 2 teams have different riders for each day/leg, although the same rider and horse complete an entire day/leg, and a number of horses over the ride may be used. The Super Teams (limited to 10 teams) can have up to 4 riders and 4 horses compete in each leg of the race (this does not take into consideration the conserving of horses for future legs of the race).

• Along the race route where the riders stop a Race Village will be established, made up of local merchants, vendors, support services, and various race sponsors. The Race Villages are intended to give local horse enthusiasts and spectators a chance to learn more about the Santa Fe Trail, find out about endurance horse racing, and see the racers, both human and equine, up close in a festive atmosphere.

• As the namesake and western terminus of the trail, Santa Fe will host the teams and race organizers beginning September 1, 2007 at the first Race Village. All 100 teams will gather at the Santa Fe Downs just south of the city to prepare for the start from Lamy, N.M. just outside of Santa Fe. The race will remain in New Mexico for 3 days of riding and 3 nights before moving into Kansas.

• The race itself is sanctioned by the American Endurance Ride Conference and all horses will be under veterinary supervision and care along the entire length of the route. For more information contact Race Organizer, Rob Phillips, 785-218-3265, sfthorserace@aol.com, www.sfthorserace.com.

• For a complete list of events check the Santa Fe Convention & Visitors Bureau's web site at http://www.santafe.org or contact the bureau for a free Santa Fe Visitors Guide, 800-777-2489.

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