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MANITOBA, CANADA - For the person who needs nothing more than a little time to bond, a breather to relax or a life-enhancing experience, take a look at these intriguing trip ideas. Know he's always wanted to see polar bears? She's keen for Northern Lights? This season, stuff their sock with time and invite yourself along.

Polar Bears on the Beach- Not Your Typical Ice Bear Safari
Ogle the 'King of the Tundra' up close at Nanuk Polar Bear Lodge located within Cape Tatnum Wildlife Management Area on the southern tip of Manitoba's Wapusk National Park. With the naked eye or from a viewing tower, observe the summer behaviour of polar bears, as they wallow in the cool beach sand here before moving on to Churchill in the fall. Learn about the wildlife and geology of the sub-arctic environment along with traditional lifestyles in Canada's north through interpretive walks plus evening presentations. On clear nights, watch the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) perform a shifting dance against the black sky. Contact 1-866-890-3377 or www.heartlandtravel.ca. Summer & Fall - 4 days at $3659 CDN ($3190 US) for packages per person from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

Snowmobile the Wind-Swept Arctic
Imagine an open white landscape, softly lit by the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights), the colours blending with the stars and landing on a gently undulating wind-swept architecture. Take an awe-inspiring snowmobile adventure from Churchill, Manitoba &endash; the Polar Bear Capital of the World &endash; to Nunavut, land of the Inuit. Journey alongside caribou, wolves, bears, seals and more, stopping at different lodges and motels along the way. Experience the joy, the wonder, the serene beauty of the Great North. Contact 1-888-497-2004 or www.gyrfalconexpeditions.com. Winter - 6 days at $4200 CDN ($3665 US) per person from Churchill, Manitoba, Canada.

Pictographs and Traditional Sweat on the Bloodvein
Experience unsurpassed diversity paddling the Bloodvein Canadian Heritage River. Combine cultural sites, views of moose and eagles, ancient granite cliffs, tranquil marshlands, and exciting rapids to create a favourite for river-runners, naturalists and photographers alike. For those who like to angle, northern pike and walleye await. Participate in a traditional native feast at the adventure's end along with a sweat lodge ceremony provided by the people of the Bloodvein First Nation (Native community). All skill levels welcome. Contact 1-866-425-9430 or www.redriveroutfitters.ca. Summer - 8 days at $1700 CDN ($1483 US) per person from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

Fly Fishing & Massage for Two
Couples experience at North Knife Lake Lodge in northern Manitoba highlights fishing for northern pike, lake trout and Arctic grayling, fly casting lessons, spa treatment and cooking classes. Romantic Canadian fishing memories in the making. Indulge in a spa treatment between casting sessions while you revel in a luxurious lodge and exceptional cuisine. Contact 1-888-WEBBERS or www.webberslodges.com/northknife. For other extraordinary packages: www.travelmanitoba.com and www.unforgettablefishing.com. Summer &endash; 5 days at $4527 CDN ($3950 US) per person from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

Snorkel with Belugas
Combine the best of the north with belugas and bears together in their natural habitat on this summer extravaganza. Prepare to be awestruck as bears come within eyesight of the Seal River Heritage Lodge. Thrill at the exclusive opportunity to see beluga whales in the river's estuary. Or jump in the water to swim and snorkel among these friendly marine mammals. Anticipate seeing over 100 bird species, including ptarmigan, Ross's and Bonaparte gulls, Smith's Longspur and jaegers. Contact 1-866-846-9453 or www.churchillwild.com. Summer &endash; 7 days at $5600 CDN ($4885 US) per person from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

For an Outdoor Adventure Guide and other extraordinary packages, visit www.travelmanitoba.com or call 1-800-665-0040, ext. JK6. Please contact listed companies for current pricing and updates.

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