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How Green is our Valley?Agricultural Tours and Heritage Sites
by Jerry W. Bird

Farm SceneWorking closely with people from Abbotsford and surrounding communities these last few years takes me back to some special times, beginning with an assignment for Cargill when I profiled their state of the art facility on Mt. Lehman Road for a video script on hybrid livestock. This story is in progress as are several other features on agriculture in the Fraser Valley and British Columbia's Lower Mainland. Agricultural Heritage is mentioned in our item on Fort Langley.

Some of my fondest memories occurred during public relations and media projects I worked on that were related to the business of agriculture. The days I spent working on a farm near Govan, Saskatchewan during my leave from the Macdonald Airforce Base, near Portage La Prairie, Manitoba provided another opportunity to sample and savor farm life. Later, in the public relations world, I worked with experts from such well known companies as Cargill Grain, Eli Lily, Dupont , May & Baker, the Propane Gas Association of Canada and Alberta Agriculture, learning about their latest products and services. In the process, I toured farms and ranches across Canada, and in Montana, Idaho and California.

That's why it feels so natural to be introducing and featuring Agri-Tours and talking about various people and places from our heritage years.

Major content for this series is currently being written and will be on line soon. This includes scanned images from our magazine's extensive archives. It will also include sample tour itineraries and exchange programs.



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