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Speaker comments and profiles from Air Highways Magazine Seminars
The following speakers were part of our first Air and Marine Tourism Confeence, spoinsored by the pubishers of Air Highways and Africa Travel Magazine and presented by Editor Publisher Jerry W. Bird. A similar program will be featured in the Air Highways to Africa Edition and Conference in 2008-2009. Write for details

Tourism Vancouver

Rick Antonson

Rick Antonson (left) has reason to celebrate. His association has just won a prestige convention for Vancouver, the 2
010 Routes Forum. Next to Rick is Larry Berg, President of YVR Vancouver International Airport.

Mr. Antonson is President & CEO of Tourism Vancouver, the Greater Vancouver Convention & Visitors Bureau, which represents over 1,000 member businesses and is responsible for the market development of Greater Vancouver as a convention, incentive, leisure, tour and travel destination.

Prior to joining Tourism Vancouver in 1993, Rick was Vice President of the Great Canadian Railtour Company Ltd. which operates a spectacular train service between Vancouver and the Canadian Rockies.  His earlier career includes being Vice President & General Manager of Douglas & McIntyre Ltd., one of Canada's most prestigious book publishers, a company on whose board of directors he now serves.  Rick's extensive volunteer positions range from having served as a member of the Board of Directors for the Canadian Tourism Commission; President of the Book Publishers Association of BC; and Chair of the Greater Vancouver Taxi Partnership which created the TAXI-HOST training program which has graduated thousands of drivers.

Rick is a Former Chair of the Destination Marketing Association International (formerly International Association of Convention & Visitors Bureaus) based in Washington DC, with members in some 30 countries. Rick also served as a member of the Board of Directors for the Vancouver/Whistler 2010 Olympic Winter Games Bid during both the Domestic and the International competitions, the 2010 bid quest having been launched in 1997 by Tourism Vancouver. And he was a member of the Vancouver Convention Centre Expansion Task Force, initiated by Tourism Vancouver. He is currently on the board for Vancouver Community College, British Columbia's No. 1 college that for more than 40 years has helped students improve their lives, their job opportunities and their career prospects. Over the years Rick has done a considerable amount of travel writing, co-authored two books and been quoted often on international tourism issues in dozens of publications. He is a strong advocate for environmentally responsible tourism. Gorn in Vancouver, Rick attended Simon Fraser University, is married to Janice and has two sons, Brent and Sean.

http://www.nature-photography.com A guide to nature, macro and landscape film and digital photography

Keeping BC in Tourism Spotlight

Rod J. Harris:
Executive Director, Tourism British Columbia.

Following graduation from the University of British Columbia with a Bachelor of Commerce and MBA, he refined his consumer marketing skills at several major corporations, including Colgate Palmolive and MacLaren Advertising. In 1977, Rod returned to British Columbia as Marketing Director with B.C. Packers Ltd., after which he established and successfully operated his own food processing business from 1983 to 1987.

Rod joined the John Labatt Corporation in 1987, where he served as Vice-President and General Manager with Rideout Beverages, the company's Winery Division. He has been employed with the province since the late 1980's in several management positions, most recently as Assistant Deputy Minister for the Tourism Division of the Ministry of Small Business, Tourism and Culture. Following the establishment of Tourism British Columbia as a Special Operating Agency, he was appointed to the position of President and Chief Executive Officer in May 1996. Rod has contributed to various professional organizations, including the Chamber of Commerce and the American Marketing Association.

Tourism BC Information...........BC Nature-Ecology
BC Municipalities........ ...............BC Hotels


Vancouver as a Maritime City

James P. Delgado
Executive Director, Vancouver Maritime Museum. Born in San Jose, California on January 11, 1958; son of Robert Daniel and Marilyn Pearl Delgado, both of San Jose. Graduated magna cum laude in American History, San Francisco State University, 1981. Received a Master's degree in Maritime History and Underwater Research, East Carolina University, Greenville, North Carolina, 1985.

Author of fifteen books and numerous articles in professional and popular journals. Major works include: Alcatraz Island (1985); Shipwrecks at the Golden Gate (1989); To California By Sea: A Maritime History of the California Gold Rush (1990); National Parks of America (1990); Pearl Harbor Recalled: New Images of the Day of Infamy (1991); Great American Ships (1991); Dauntless St. Roch: The Mounties' Arctic Schooner (1992); Beaver: First Steamer on the West Coast (1993); and most recently, Ghost Fleet: The Sunken Ships of Bikini Atoll (1996). Recently completed editing the British Museum Encyclopedia of Underwater and Maritime Archaeology (1997).

Professional career commenced with part-time work at the New Almaden Museum, 1974-1975, and the Roberto Adobe, 1976-1977, both in San Jose. Joined the United States Department of the Interior, National Park Service, as assistant to the Regional Historian for the Western Region (Hawaii, Guam, American Samoa, California, Arizona), 1978-1979. In 1979, joined the staff of Golden Gate National Recreation Area, San Francisco, as the first chief historian for the park, serving until 1986. In 1986, helped establish the U.S. federal maritime preservation program, the National Maritime Initiative. Appointed Maritime Historian of the National Park Service, Washington, in 1987, serving until early 1991. Served as an instructor, Department of Humanities, San Francisco State University, 1983-1984, 1986-1987, and as an instructor at the California Academy of Sciences, San Francisco, 1984, 1986-1987. Recently appointed as an instructor, Department of Classics, University of British Columbia.

Public and professional service began when appointed San Jose Youth Commission liaison to the San Jose Historical Landmarks Commission, 1974-1975, Commissioner, San Jose Historical Landmarks Commission, 1976-1977, Member, Mayor's Blue-Ribbon Commission for a San Francisco Historical Museum, 1982, Founding Board Member, National Maritime Alliance, 1990-1992, Trustee, Council of American Maritime Museums, 1992-1994; and continues as one of two representatives from Canada to the International Committee of Monuments and Sites Committee on the International Underwater Heritage, and also serves the Executive Board of the International Congress of Maritime Museums.

Trained as a underwater archaeologist, Mr. Delgado has led or participated in several shipwreck archaeological expeditions and projects in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and the Marshall Islands. He has worked on shipwrecks including the USS Arizona at Pearl Harbor, the brig Somers in Mexico, the California Gold Rush steamship Tennessee, Gold Rush sailing ships in the Sacramento River, the brig Isabella at the mouth of the Columbia River, Oregon, the polar exploration ship Maude in the Canadian Arctic, and the sunken fleet of the 1946 atomic bomb tests at Bikini. He has also served as project historian for the USS Monitor shipwreck project. As a consulting historian and archaeologist, Mr. Delgado also participated in several major excavations in downtown San Francisco, including the excavation of buried ships and waterfront structures from the California Gold Rush.

Mr. Delgado has spoken at conferences, meetings and as an invited speaker throughout the United States, Canada, Great Britain, Mexico, and Australia, as well as the former Trust Territories in Micronesia. He has appeared in several television documentaries and programs on a variety of subjects for PBS, ABC-TV, FOX-TV, The Discovery Channel, The Learning Channel, National Geographic and various local and regional networks and stations. Member of the Archaeological Institute of America, Arctic Institute of North America, Society for Historical Archaeology, California Historical Society, Canadian Nautical Research Society, and the U.S. Naval Institute. A fellow of the Explorers Club. Recreations: Scuba diving, photography, and hiking. Vancouver Maritime Museum: 1905 Ogden Avenue, Vancouver, British Columbia V6J 1A3.

Catering to the Private and Corporate Aircraft Market

Jerry N. Lloyd
Past President, BC Aviation Council

The real tourism opportunity ", said Jerry Lloyd, "is in small private aircraft. We have 2000 inquiries a year, asking where to fish, golf, or hunt." According to Lloyd, " The priority is more camp and park areas across BC for private plane owners. Canada Customs and Transport Canada have introduced CanPass, which allows private aircraft to cross the US- Canada border through a free 800- number. Places like Fairmont Hot Springs provide an alternative to sleeping under the wing; a 5,000 foot paved runway gives access to a golf course, fishing, and a lodge. The demand for increased air tourism is growing. Internationally, Canada is slowly becoming known, though British Columbia is still very isolated."

President and CEO of the BC Aviation Council, Gerald Lloyd joined the council in 1990. He is also the Executive Director of the Aerospace Industry Association of BC, which represents the manufacturing side of aviation. Mr. Lloyd has an extensive background in the teaching field, including being Senior Dean at British Columbia Institute of Technology and Campus Principal of BCIT's Aviation Campus. His past Presidencies include those of the International Northwest Aviation Council, the Quarter Century Club of Aviation and the Abbotsford Airshow. He has served on numerous provincial task forces and civic committees, including the Ministers Task Force on Aerospace and Aviation Development.

Born in Winnipeg and raised in Thunder Bay, Mr. Lloyd holds a BSc degree from George Williams College in Chicago and a Diploma from the Harvard School of Business. He has lived in BC for the past 30 years. His father was the founder of the Abbotsford Airshow. Mr. Lloyd has had a long involvement in college athletics as a coach and as a builder and founder of the national playoffs for the Canadian Colleges Athletic Association.

Air Cargo

Dave Frank

As President of International Commercial Centers at YVR Vancouver International Airport, Dave Frank provided an image of how aviation can bring long lasting economic growth to a region. Operator of free trade zones between Canada and US carriers, Frank believes that the Air Cargo industry has much to learn. In the same vein, he thinks all industries should understand how and why air carriers operate the way they do. "Air linkages are the key to keeping the frequent flyers as frequent flyers, By encouraging the use of more connecting flights, carriers should be able to increase their profit, currently 1 or 2 per cent", he said. "With the start of Open Skies, a flurry of more air carriers and flights began. Nonstop flights, between Canada and the USA increased seat numbers by 80 per cent, while USA to Canada flights remained the same. Two years ago, when the carrier link to Latin America was discontinued, no one complained.

To help Air Tourism grow, we must learn to work for our target market. Air carriers are not humble -- they are high flyers who've seen it all before. It's the airline business, not tourism. Tourism fills the back of the bus. While airlines remain regulated, legal and political forces continue to reap the dividends. In this business, safety is a religion, where business survival takes priority." Frank advises that professional consultants see the potential opportunities for air carriers and tourism to grow together like never before. "To achieve this goal", he says, "they must deal closely with carriers and be willing to perform the leg work. The object is to provide a complete package -- a marginal profit increase combined with advice on how to best carry cargo or passengers. Transportation and tourism are BC's growth industries; it's vital to keep up the momentum."


One of BC Ferries' Past Presidents speaks out

Frank A. Rhodes
Frank Rhodes' career in the public service spans over 30 years with service in five Ministries and two Crown Corporations. He was appointed President and Chief Executive Officer of the British Columbia Ferry Corporation in June of 1990. Mr. Rhodes currently serves as a Board member of the International Marine Transit Association, the Public Sector Employers' Council, the International Maritime Center, and Vancouver Board of Trade .

Francis Ng:
Hong Kong, Apec and its ties to Canada
Francis Ng is the Vancouver Consultant of Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) since 1996. Mr. Ng looks after HKTDC's interests in BC and Alberta.

Between 1990 and 1996, he was with the British Columbia Trade Development Corporation, responsible for the promotion of B.C.'s external trade in North Asia covering Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, Japan & Korea. In addition to HKTDC, Mr. Ng also represent YVR Airport Services Ltd, a subsidiary of the Vancouver International Airport and B.C. International Power Group Inc., a consortium with ABB, West coast Energy and BC trade for the development of airports and energy projects in China. Before Mr. Ng moved to Canada in 1986, he was the Deputy Executive Director of HKTDC and had stationed in Frankfurt, Stockholm, Vienna, and New York as the Hong Kong Representative, In 1984, he was awarded by the U.S. Federal Administration for the leadership program on the "Challenge to International Trade." Mr. Ng was previously involved in manufacturing in B.C, and worked for the International Trade Center of United Nations on international trade development and the Guangdong Province, PRC. Mr.. Ng was born and educated in Hong Kong. Mr. Ng graduated from the University of Hong Kong and the Graduate School of Business Administration, Harvard University.

Dr. Michael Krainer
Austria a top destinations
Director North America, Austria National Tourism Office. Born in Graze, Austria, Work done from 1979 to present: Deputy works manager of the "Ziegelwerk G. Krater GmbH". Law studies at the Graze Karl Frailness University. Practical at the Legal Service of the EC Commissions in Brussels. Marketing Officer at the Austrian Trade Delegation for the Central West in Chicago. Marketing Manager and Deputy Director of the Austrian National Tourist Office in Chicago. Director for the Austrian National Tourist Office's branch for Berlin and the new federal states. Deputy coordinator for Germany of the Austrian National Tourist Office. Director of the Austrian National Tourist Office's Paris branch and general manager of "3615-Autriche". Director , North America.. (return home)


Evangeline Englezos
Vancouver's Port Corporation
Evangeline Englezos joined the Vancouver Port Corporation in 1995 where she is responsible for Marketing Communications pertaining to all the Port's business sectors including cruise. Her involvement in the cruise sector has included developing advertising and sales promotion programs, organizing trade shows and events as well as the development of the Port's web site. Evangeline has also served as a Director for the Cruise Industry Association of BC. Prior to joining the Vancouver Port Corporation, Evangeline held various marketing positions in Calgary and Vancouver with Northern Telecom, one of Canada's largest telecommunications companies. Evangeline holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree with a major in Marketing from the University of Calgary. (return home)


 Speakers continued.

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