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Air Highways Security Watch and Guidelines

Map of North AmericaNews Item: Security will bring lasting delays The security measures imposed in the wake of this week's terror attacks will have a lasting impact on passengers traveling through the USA's already congested airports. Passengers will have to wait in longer check-in lines, carry more documentation, pass through more rigorous security checks and possibly bring fewer carry-on items aboard.

CDA: Conference on Defence Associations
(see below) Coping with Negative Travel Advisories


Need for "Homeland Security"
How are recent developments viewed on the Canadian side of the border in an age when our Open Skies and Air Highways are open to greater danger, as witnessed in New York and Washington, DC? Here are a few comments.

According to Alain Pellerin of the Conference of Defence Associations, "It's unlikely any international terrorist would bother to undergo years of planning, immersion and training to attack Canadian targets. However, assassination remains a risk. This terrorist threat won't go away tomorrow,it's going to be a long campaign; it's going to be a marathon. There will be a requirement for very close co-ordination of all the various national bodies that will be involved in countering terrorism." Biological or chemical contamination is a concern to others.

“Practical infrastructure targets like power plants, particularly nuclear ones, are more likely than the symbolism of attacking the hearts of American military and economic might”, said Retired general Lew MacKenzie.

"There has to be a broader ministry that would include an arrangement among a lot of the enforcement agencies that we have in this country - like the RCMP, like CSIS, immigration enforcement and customs," Alliance MP Hanger commented. "We need to bring them under one umbrella as a broad enforcement agency responsible for the security of our country."

More to come on this page ...

The Conference of Defence Associations

The aim of the CDA, with a membership of over 600,000, is to contribute to beneficial defence policy and effective armed forces. It seeks to achieve this objective through a combination of advice to government and public information. The public information and education function is carried out by the CDA Institute.

The CDA believes that Canada's best chance for continuing peace at home and abroad lies in having effective armed forces and a civil resource base which can be quickly mobilized. We support maintaining viable collective defence arrangements with the United States, NATO and other allies, and Canada's participation in collective/cooperative security operations under the auspices of the United Nations.

CDA Objectives

Consider the problems of national defence.

Place those problems before the people of Canada.

Co-ordination of service associations in matters of common interest to all branches of the Canadian forces.

Make recommendations to the Government of Canada through the Minister of National Defence and other appropriate channels.

Promote the efficiency and well being of the Canadian Forces.


The Conference of Defence Associations
359 Kent St., Suite 502
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, K2P 0R7
Telephone : (613) 236-1252
Facsimile : (613) 236-8191
E-mail :

Air Highways Security Watch

U.S. Airport Executives, Businesses, Federal and Congressional Leaders at Security Conference

DFW INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT, Texas hosts the first major meeting of airport executives since 9/11 beginning May 20, 2002, with airport security technology, deadlines and costs at the top of agenda. More than 2400 airport industry professionals will attend the largest American Association of Airport Executives (AAAE) Conference and Exposition since it began 74 years ago. The meeting is being held at the Wyndham Anatole Hotel in Dallas. Top federal and congressional leaders will address the group, including Transportation Security Administration (TSA) Chief John Magaw, FAA Administrator Jane Garvey and U.S. Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison of Texas. Donald Carty, CEO and Chairman of AMR Corporation will also speak at the conference

Clearly much has changed in our world since 9/11. This meeting allows airports, airlines and government officials a strategic chance to candidly communicate about these changes and the future," says Jeff Fegan, CEO of DFW Airport, which has posted one of the strongest rebounds of any major airport in the country. "The TSA has a challenging job ahead in working with 429 airports across the country. It's important for all of us to remember this is a team effort between the nation's airports, the airlines and the federal government, with traveler's security and convenience as the top priorities." Several business announcements are expected by DFW Airport over the course of the four-day conference, including news of new international business and a new survey detailing airport business priorities, travel trends and security.

More than 250 companies occupy over 325 booths showcasing the latest in aviation-related advancements and technology. Attendees will be able to tour featured exhibits such as a new "Security Pavilion" which is being offered for the first time as part of the exposition. The host airport has constructed a "DFW Village" which is showcasing companies involved in the Airport's $2.6 Capital Development Program. Also included in the DFW Village is the prototype of the new Automated People Mover (APM) System Train Car that conference-goers can actually walk through and experience. Conference participants will be updated on DFW's award winning designs for the Automated People Mover System and the new International Terminal D with 35 Capital Development affiliated companies. DFW's Small and Emerging Business, DPS, and Marketing departments will also be exhibiting.

About AAAE: The American Association of Airport Executives, founded in 1928, is the world's premier association of airport executives. The not-for-profit organization and its affiliate the International Association of Airport Executives comprise the world's largest professional organization for airport executives, representing thousands of airport management people at public use airports worldwide. Editor's Note: Sponsors of the DFW Village include: Austin Commercial, Basye & Associates, Bombardier Transportation, CAGE, Inc., Campbell & Associates, Carol Naughton & Associates, Carter & Burgess Inc., Chiang, Patel & Yerby Inc., Clarity Visual Systems, Corgan Associates Inc., Daktronics, Economy Signs, E. Evans Associates, Freese & Nichols Inc., Halff Associates Inc., Halliburton KBR, Hensel Phelps Construction Co., HKS Inc., HNTB Corporation, KJM Associates, L.A. Fuess Partners, Lea+Elliott Inc., Leo A Daly, Lockwood, Andrews, Newman Inc., LOPEZGARCIA Group, Meridian Commercial Inc., Paragon Project Resources Inc., PSA Constructors, Ross & Baruzzini, Signature Graphics, Terra-Mar Inc., TransSolutions LLC, Walter P. Moore & Associates, Williams Russell and Johnson Inc.

About DFW International Airport: Located halfway between the cities of Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas, DFW International Airport is the world's third busiest, serving 55 million passengers a year. Offering nearly 2,000 flights daily, DFW Airport provides nonstop service to 129 domestic and 26 international destinations worldwide.


News Item, Sept. 15, 2001: Security will bring lasting delays The security measures imposed in the wake of this week's terror attacks will have a lasting impact on passengers traveling through the USA's already congested airports. Passengers will have to wait in longer check-in lines, carry more documentation, pass through more rigorous security checks and possibly bring fewer carry-on items aboard.

Coping with Negative Travel Advisories

 (1) News Release to Travel Industry from the World Tourism Organization

Tourism knocked down, but not out:
Madrid, 17 September, 2001 - The terrorist attacks on New York and Washington last week dealt a terrible blow to the tourism industry, but officials of the World Tourism Organization are predicting that the industry will demonstrate its characteristic resilience with a quick recovery.
Continued Below.

(2) Preparation Can Help Cut Down on Travel Delays

Inexperienced and experienced travelers alike can help ease airport security delays by following these simple guidelines:

1. Arrive at the airport up to two hours before departure for domestic flights and up to three hours before departure for international flights. Carry at least one form of photo ID at all times. A second photo ID might be required at some airports.

2. Reconfirm your flight directly with the airline 24 to 48 hours prior to departure.

3. Be aware that there might be special parking and unloading restrictions. some airports might have eliminated curbside check-in.

4. Take only those items truly necessary for the trip. Once at the airport, be prepared to have your belongings searched by security personnel. Laptop computers and other electronic devices might require additional time to clear security.

5. Make sure all luggage, both checked and carry-on, is tagged with the passenger's name. Identification should be placed on both the outside and inside of each piece of luggage.

6. After checking luggage, passengers should go directly to their gate.

7. Never leave luggage unattended or under the watch of a stranger.

8. Do not accept any item from a stranger or carry any package with unknown contents.

9. Upon arrival at your destination, go immediately to the baggage-claim area to pick up your luggage. Have the claim stubs available.


Check Current Status at American Airports
Where are you flying to and from?

Three more valuable sites for these times

1. Center of Disease Control- symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of Anthrax.

2. Federal Bureau of Investigation : photos and background on the most wanted terrorists.

3. : U.S. Department of Justice - photos and biographical information about the nation's most wanted fugitives.

Volunteers of America: The September 11 terrorist attack on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon has had a devastating effect on thousands of families. Volunteers of America tackles personal crises and emergency situations every day &endash; thankfully, not on the scale we are witnessing today, but devastating nonetheless. Our mission of emergency assistance and ongoing support comforts more than a million people each year. We ask that you remember to help people in need &endash; not just in this crisis period &endash; but also in the difficult months to come, with a contribution to the Volunteers of America Help and Hope Fund.

Senior Spirit: Baltazara Lagda has been a member of Volunteers of America Senior Companion in Seattle, Wash., since 1990. Baltazara is 90 years old.

New Generations to Love and Protect: More than 100,000 American children go to sleep homeless each night. Many children lived cruel lives at the time Volunteers of America was founded. In 1900, more than 100 infants out of every 1,000 would not live to their first birthdays. Volunteers of America responded to the needs...

PATA: Airline Passenger Safety and Security The Top Priority

The Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) Board of Directors held a fruitful meeting in Taipei, September 22-23, where they discussed PATA business and made plans for the future. Some 110 board members, committee members and spouses travelled to Taipei from 19 different countries. "Particularly after the events of September 11, it was critical for our members to come together," said Mr. Joseph A. McInerney, PATA CEO. "We were all pleased with the turnout and high level of participation." Among the highlights of the board and committee meetings:

* The Research Committee reported that PATA's Strategic Information Centre has commissioned a paper in response to the September 11 attacks. The paper will include an analysis of the current situation, three scenarios for the future and, most importantly, the strategic implications the recent events will have for the travel industry. The paper, expected to be completed by October 15, will be updated monthly or as events ensue.

* PATA's carrier members noted the far-reaching implications of the terrorist attacks and issued the following statement: "Of vital importance now are the actions taken for the safety and security of airline passengers. We feel that, along with the carriers, respective governments should be involved in ensuring air travel security."



Check Current Status at American Airports
Where are you flying to and from?


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