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Above photos coourtesy of Tourism Vancouver

B.C. Special Olympics.Board of Directors

Grenville Finch-Noyes
Finch-Noyes & Associates

Marnie Carter, Carter Group of Companies

Barbara Ross-Denroche, Organizational Development Consultant

Treasurer: Jim Kerr KPMG

Secretary: John Dustan, Genus Capital Management

Michael Coyle, Intrawest
Doug Holtby, Star of Fortune
Bill McCartney, Retired
Ian May, Q-Media Services Corp
Colin MacKinnon, B.C.A.A.
Wolfgang Schwegler, Davis & Company
Murray Shapiro, Barrister & Solicitor
Cherald Tutt, Businessperson
Chuck van der Lee, Rogers Video
Dave 'Tiger' Williams, Businessperson

"The level of commitment and dedication to the goals of the Society by this Board has been very positive for our growth" says Dan Howe, Executive Director of B.C. Special Olympics. "As leaders in their respective fields, these individuals bring their skills, resources, and energies to the Society which assists us in accomplishing our goals and raising our profile in the community. Individuals elected to the Board of Directors of B.C. Special Olympics have a great responsibility, from ensuring that the Society fulfills its mandate, to overseeing such areas as fund raising, public relations, fiscal management, legal, program development, and volunteer development. The individuals accepting this challenge are to be commended for giving freely of their time and skills for the betterment of their community"

B.C. Special Olympics provides individuals with a mental disability the opportunity to enhance their life and celebrate personal achievement through positive sport experiences. Weekly programs are offered in 46 communities to over 3,000 individuals who have a mental disability. Over 2,100 individuals volunteer their time and skills to support these programs.

For Further Information Contact:
Dan Howe
Executive Director
B.C. Special Olympics
#226-1367 West Broadway
Vancouver, B.C. V6H 4A9
Tel: 604-737-3079
Fax: 604-737-3080

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