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Yorkton: Gateway to Saskatchewan,
and Manitoba's Riding Mountain National Park

Jerry W. BirdAssociate Editor Muguette Goufrani and I had the pleasure of meeting with Yorkton's amiable Mayor Phil De Vos at the Yellowhead Trans Canada Highways Association's 56th Convention in Sherwood Park, near Edmonton Alberta, and plan a visit to Yorkton and area during our mid September road show. That marathon event will span the entire Yellowhead Trans Canada Highway System, and continues eastward to Atlantic City, USA, where we're presenting Western Canada at a major travel industry conference.

What fond memories, sights and sounds are in store? Many are playing in the theatre of my mind, as it's the same route I took in my Chev coupe, upon leaving the Royal Canadian Air Force for the world of media. We'll be telling the story of Yorkton from the visitor's perspective, enhancing the road maps, visiting the local airport for fly-in tourism possibilities and adding more links and data. For now, here are some contact names and brief notes of interest. There's much more on Yorkton's web site (listed below). Jerry W. Bird, Editor

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Tourism Attractions
Western Develpment Museum
Ravine Ecological Preserve
St. Mary's Ukrainian Catholic Church
Three 18-hole Golf Courses
Jaycee Beach
Godfrey Dean Cultural Centre
Crafts: Prairie Rim Gallery and Avalon Studio
Painted Hand Casino
Yorkton Exhibition

Area Attractions
National Doukhobour Heritage Village
Provincail Parks at Duck Mountain,
Greenwater Lake and Good Spirit Lake


Yorkton: Brief Historical Sketch

Thanks to its strategic location on the Yellowhead Trans Canada Highway and other key transportation connections, Yorkton has become Saskatchewan's third largest trading area, now serving over 250,000 in its trading area. Founded in 1882 by a group representing Ontario's York County, the early settlement, then part of the Northwest Territories, was relocated several miles to the newly constructed railway line. This move and the railway's continuing efforts in promoting Western Canada prepared the way to a major influx of settlers from Europe, which added a new vitality to the growing community and the province.

The promise of a homestead in Canada, with fertile farmland and a place to grow, became the main attraction for these hardy pioneers, many of whom came from Ukraine. Most had experience with farming on similar terrain. Their hard work, dedication and philosophy of community cooperation and cultural pride helped Yorkton to prosper and become the thriving city it is today.

City of Yorkton
Mayor: Phil De Vos

City Manager: Wayne Jensen

Economic Development: Gordon Bulmer

Box 400, 37 3rd Avenue North
Yorkton, Saskatchewan, S3N 2W3 
Phone: (306) 786-1700, Fax: (306) 786-6880

Yorkton Chamber of Commerce
President: Richard Okrainec
P.O. Box 1051
Yorkton, SK S3N 2X3
Ph: 306-783-4368, Fax: 306-786-6978

Action Saskatchewan: A Blueprint for 2005.
Canadian Chamber of Commerce
Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce
Saskatchewan Economic & Co-operative Development