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On a Higher Plane: "We've heard stated that by 2010 businesses will be required to put a financial value on their knowledge."

eWorld: A class Performance
The most productive e-business event we've attended to date.

Random comments:
"------ has gone off my radar screen. It's just too painful to do business with them. "The rates are outrageous, the payment plan ridiculous, and the sales staff is unprofessional." Let's hear about your experience with the Flakes, and I'm not speaking about dandruff.
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"The industrial age, powered by motors, brought widespread prosperity and individual liberty, Marx's myopic critique be damned. Computer Civilization is bringing us more of the same. The scientists have developed the technology. The businessmen have marketed the stuff. The challenge over the next thirty years is to keep government's tentacles off the progress. "

"Simplicity" is the watchword for managing people. Motivation, not legislation, moves people to perform, " says Bill Lohse, founder of Smart Clicks. Here is the rest of Bill's statement. "The purpose, or drive, of any team is to find a market that is growing quickly, and to build that market's dominant brand. The brand is a promise: it represents a consistently delivered solution to a customer's problems.

Tell the truth.
Keep your word.
Set goals and make them.
Forgive (it's good for you, not just for them).
The profit is just the scorecard (but the scorecard
is all the investors can see).
Serve customers.
Have fun."

Serious Media Watchers Links
Advertising Age Magazine: http://www.adage.com/
Associated Press:
Editor & Publisher:
Media Buyers Bootcamp:
Reed Exhibitions:

Excerpts from Jumpin Jupiter

Media gurus took the stage to preach the benefits of online advertising and email (as in mass marketing is dead,') interactivity, reporting and tracking wonders of the web. My initial impression was "after a few hours of this, it's a wonder radio, TV, cable and print advertising still exist. "online media in the media mix" - integration of online and traditional (now also known as "flat") media.

Online advertising is expected to grow to $11.5 billion in 2003 . This will serve as a catalyst for change in the traditional ad business. Media integration and the erosion of traditional markets will be more important than the effects of online ad dollar growth - advertisers must stop thinking of online as separate from off-line ad efforts, and focus on better integration of all media. Patrick Keane:

"It's a global medium and whether you're a buyer or a seller, you have to embrace that concept, You can't afford to avoid it - get bigger or stay home. This online/offline synergy, a "broad media footprint," has huge benefits to buyers if executed in a sustained, self- reinforcing manner. " Tim Koogle, CEO Yahoo:

Something HAS to be better than the banner - traditional tools are failing us. As exciting as integrated media campaigns sound, unless agency creative teams understand "every detail of every media," consolidation of accounts, unfortunately, is a long way away and clients have to outsource." Sharon Fordham, Nabisco:

Online has the "worst" creative of all media, adding that agencies have to improve their web efforts or be left in the dust. He likened the current state of things to the onset of TV years ago. "Those agencies that jumped on TV early on are those that survive to this day. Those agencies that said 'print is the way to go' have either been absorbed or don't exist - same goes for the web. "It's not enough to know the brand," he said, "we really have to force integration on a much deeper level." Rich LeFurgy, Chairman of the Internet Advertising Bureau, (http://www.iab.net).

SUPERSTITIALS! Created by Unicast Communications (http://www.unicast.com,) Superstitials are a non-banner rich media format that can be created in any size and authored in any format. These newcomers are said to be three times more effective than traditional banner ads and streaming interstitials in brand recall, according to a study released at the forum by San Francisco-based interactive advertising research firm Millward Brown Interactive (http://www.mbinteractive.com).

Superstitials are non-streaming and allow advertisers to use a larger creative canvas to deliver TV-like advertising. The study states that for users who viewed superstitials, advertising awareness of the brand was more than double that of the banner-ad viewers.

Other companies worth checking out:
AvenueA is pioneering a delayed response tracking approach to data analysis that is becoming somewhat essential to measuring online advertising effectiveness. They also >provide media planning, buying, ad serving, data collection >and online reporting services -

WebConnect, "the ad placement service of the Internet," allows advertisers to plan, place and track all forms of Internet Advertising and can place your ad on every web site and portal available on the Net - http://www.webconnect.com.

- ClickMaps (http://www.clickmaps.com) offers a customizable tracking and analysis tool for online advertisers that allows for measuring ROI, usability or retention, behavioral trends and other parameters of campaign effectiveness.

- AdKnowledge, as one of the veterans of the business, work almost exclusively with buyers of web advertising, providing a full set of services to measure the effectiveness of campaigns - http://www.adknowledge.com.

Three heavyweight rep firms:
- DoubleClick (
- 24/7 Media (
http://www.247media.com), and
- AdSmart (

Lee Morrow is the founder and CEO of the Media Buying Academy, which offers intense, 4-day media buying training classes around the country. For more information about MBA, visit http://www.mediabuyingacademy.com.

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