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eWorld 2000, Vancouver, BC, Canada
by Muguette M. Goufrani

Here's a definite for our magazine's Road Show Agenda. This fall our editors particiapted one of the most productive and rewarding eventsin years. What's more, it was right in our own backyard at the Vancouver Convention Centre under the Five Sails, on the waterfront (above). What we saw and heard during those 3 full days has inspired our publishing group to make E-Business a key topic on our 2001 Asia Pacific-Africa Skies Conference and Road Show. The Road Show will take place at designated cities in Africa, Asia and North America. Our staging, promotion and liaison with several African
tourism delegation visits in 2000 set the stage.

Don Tapscott's lively keynote address set the tone and we will provide a review of his timely book "Digital Capital" on this website and in our various printed magazines. Tapscott, who is in great demand as a speaker worldwide, outlines a whole new set of business models for the new Digital Economy, all of which apply to our competitive world of travel and tourism. If you wish to learn more, surf or write to our editors:

Thanks to Kevin McKeon and Michael Styles of Festival Communications for their professional touch with the media, and the management of eWorld for staging such a comprehensive learning and networking event.

We will keep reporting on eWorld from now through its next venue, and report will on our activities with the various companies and individuals we came in contract with.

Background: eWorld Conference is a comprehensive conference designed to educate and inform higher management and senior executives about e-business and the latest solutions available. eWorld Exhibition is a large scale event with over 120 exhibitors that provide the latest e-business solutions. The exhibit floor features a presentation area for eWorld exhibitors, where they will demonstrate their latest solutions.

Various eWorld Awards, including the Marshall McLuhan Awards recognize Internet excellence in British Columbia. They salute the best Internet content, applications and tools developed by leading BC companies and individuals &emdash; those that have blazed a trail in the information economy.

Other speakers in 2000 were:
Frank Clegg - President, Microsoft Canada Co.
Victor Bapat - Intel of Canada
John D. Wetmore - CEO, IBM Canada Ltd.
Jim Tobin - President, itemus inc.

Topics included: The Sociological/Cultural Impact of the Internet
eBusiness for Small Business
Internet Strategy & Management for your Business
The 3 Nets &emdash; Internet, Intranet & Extranet
Convergence and what it means to your business
Privacy Trends on the Internet & Bill C-6

How e-business affects relationships between suppliers and buyers, and supports supply-chain integration
Intellectual Property &emdash; how to establish and defend intellectual property
Web Security state-of-the-art
How can ASPs Improve our eBusiness?
How to Choose an Internet Solutions Provider
Preparing for the Future of Online Marketing
Internet Marketing in the New Century
Creating awareness of your e-business
Employee Portals
Setting your site for e-commerce - The Credit Card Crunch
E-lympics &emdash; How the Olympics is powered by the Internet
Customer Interaction Management &emdash; From Voice to Multimedia
Knowledge Management on the Web
Customer Relationship Management on the Web
Wireless Applications on the Web
Streaming Media in Today's Business From Bricks & Mortar
to Clicks and Mortar:

The Internet and the Manufacturing Sector
How the Internet Has Changed the Health Sector
Case Study: Re-launch of National Post Online
eLearning & eTeaching
Down to Earth Approach to e-Commerce &emdash; UBC and RMABC Seminar
Case Study: From Bricks & Mortar to Clicks & Mortar
Fulfillment &emdash; key to online success

Realizing the ROI of customer loyalty through Personalization
Accelerating Your Internet Business
Developing a Business Plan & Revenue Model
Marketing your Startup
Startup Technology Concerns
Internet Startup & Venture Financing
Looking for Partners?
Trials and Tribulations

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