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British Columbia Aviation Council

Aviation Conference 2001
September 26th, 27th, 28th
Delta Vancouver Airport Hotel
3500 Cessna Drive

About the BCAC
Formed in 1938, the British Columbia Aviation Council has promoted and developed aviation in the province for 60 years. BCAC provides a voice for aviators and the public they serve, and has established a broad-based organization to encourage growth and change in the field. The BCAC's organization includes an elected Board of Directors, Regional Directors, and a Chairperson supported by the President & CEO, and office staff. Membership categories include individuals, municipalities, associations and corporations. Aviation issues are addressed within the committee structure of the Council, focusing on sectors and functions such as Air Facilities, Airports, Air Safety, Air Tourism, Aerospace Industries, Cable Crossing Markers, Conferences and Symposiums, General Aviation and Vancouver International Airport. The Council often presents committee recommendations to various levels of Government within the aviation community.

During its history, the Council has been instrumental in many developments. For example, among many achievements in recent years, the BC Aviation Council has:

Assembled and updated the BC Air Facilities Map for promotion of recreational flying.

Sponsored Air Safety seminars.

Published a newsletter for the membership.

Participated in the Canadian Airspace Review process.

Advocated the transfer of all federal airports to local control by communities of BC.

The BCAC recognizes that its effectiveness in promoting aviation development is directly related to the breadth of interests it represents. While national associations represent specific interests within aviation, BCAC strives to represent all interests within the Province of British Columbia. To that end, aviation associations that were independent in the past, such as the Vancouver, Airport Business Association (VABA), have now become part of the Council. In addition, other associations, such as the Vancouver Board of Trade, Richmond Chamber of Commerce, and the Pacific Aircraft Maintenance Engineers Association, are also members.

International Northwest Aviation Council: Aviation Without Borders...

North America's premiere Aviation Council (INAC) adopted the above theme at the 61st Annual Convention of the British Columbia Aviation Council. INAC offers a forum for all aviation organizations and governments to present a united front on aviation issues affecting you. INAC works in close liaison with Provincial, State and Territorial Aviation organizations and councils.

Alaska / Alberta / British Columbia / Colorado / Idaho / Manitoba/ Montana / North Dakota / Oregon / Saskatchewan / Washington / Wyoming / Yukon / NWT 

Originally formed under the name Northwest Aviation Planing Council, the organization grew to encompass committees and members working on every facet of aviation. By 1936, the Council had become a dedicated group to further aviation on every level. Membership spread to all of the Northwest States and then to Western Canada. President: Curtis Grad, Abbotsford Airport, (604) 855-1001, fax (604) 855-1066.

The Council was instrumental in gaining recognition and acceptance of State departments of aviation in the formation and growth of the CAA (FAA). It encouraged the birth of the British Columbia Aviation Council and the Alberta Aviation Council. The fine work carried out by these groups can, to some extent, be considered a result of the pioneer International Council- INAC. To foster and promote the development of civil aviation in Canada and the United States. • To encourage the development of airports, improve navigational aids and safety installation within the Provinces, States and Territories.

• To maintain a cooperative liaison with Federal , Provincial, State and Territorial governments in all matters affecting Aviation in Canada and the United States.

• To develop alliances among aviation organizations. to energetically promote the simplification of air regulation.

• To support aviation education thorough scholarship programs.

• To provide a voice for regional, local and small airports in:
Airport Development/ Airport Management / Airline Services
Border crossings/ Bilateral Agreements/ Aviation safety/ Navigation Aids Scholastic Support/ Flying clubs/ Aviation Consultants Business Flying
Fixed Base Operations/ Legal Aspects of Aviation/ Military Liaison
Federal, Provincial, State & Territorial Aviation Concerns
Aviation Alliances / Weather Reporting

PO Box 5178
Helena, MT 59604


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