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Plane Talk
by Jerry W. Bird
Editor, Air Highways
and Wing Span Magazine

What's in a name?
Something many of our readers and viewers may not realize is that we published the world's only travel trade magazine exclusive to Africa. It's been an exciting 5-year trip, a real Media Safari, and a springboard to the future. Africa Travel Magazine will now share the spotlight with "Africa Skies" a business magazine that follows the Air Highways tradition. It features an 11" x 17" fold out Supermap, plus profiles of airlines, airports, gateways and destinations. This pilot project sets the pattern for "Caribbean Skies" ... "Open Skies USA" and others. Our first Asia Pacific edition debuted in 1997, and "Island Skies" in 1999, featuring Vancouver Island destinations and airports. The next Island Skies will focus on Hawaii. For a preview of the cover and contents visit our Africa Skies page.

Aerospace North America: How quickly several years roll around. The next show will be in Seattle (see below) . It seems like only yesterday that Aerospace North America was held at Abbotsford Airport, and called by a different name. We were impressed by the quality of the most recent program at the Vancouver Convention Centre. Congratulations to the show managers; to the old friends we greeted at the Trade Show, and to the many new friends we met during this exciting three day affair.

Aspecial thanks to the Washington State Aerospace delegation for a superlative presentation, and to the Quebec delegation's Jeff MacHan and group for their hospitality night. Thanks also to Berlin- Brandenbury for hosting a similar function on the previous day. What a pleasant surprise it was to meet again with rising star, Sandra Kelly, whom we interviewed in 1993 at the YVR Community Airports Conference when she was Mayor of Gander, Newfoundland. We knew that this lady's career was destined to take off - and we certainlly guessed right.

She's now the Hon. Sandra Kelly, Provincial Minister of Industry. Watch for an article on developments at several Newfoundland airports and at Slemon Park on location at the former Summerside Airforce base in Prince Edward Island. It was good to meet the group from Daimler-Chrysler (MTU Maintenance), with whom we enjoyed the Abbotsford International Airshow a few days prior. Speaking of Abbotsford, John Durham was there representing the expanding airport, and the Conair audio visual display was very informative (see Conair story). If you're interested in what's happening at Abbotsford Airport, Manager Curtis Grad invites you to fax 604-855-1066, for a free subscription to the Airport's Wing Span Magazine. We spent some quality time with Jack Schofield, editor of Western Aviator Magazine, whose latest book "Flights of a Coast Dog" is becoming a best seller. Jack's magazine is also a very good read, and he speaks from experience. We also spoke to Bob Wheatley of Fort Wayne International Airport, who gave me the idea for a "Great Lakes Air Supermap" at the 1997 Aerospace show. Bob tells us there's new excitement in the air, thanks to the addition of Kittyhawk to the airport's roster of key tenants.

Washington Aerospace Alliance world's largest
With over 150 members, WAA is the largest aerospace association in the world, recognized for the quality and capabilities of it's membership. The mission of the Washington Aerospace Alliance (WAA) is to promote collaboration among Washington aerospace suppliers to reduce manufacturing costs, improve productivity, develop new products, increase sales and organize strategic marketing initiatives on behalf of the industry in areas beyond the reach of individual member companies.

Washington Aerospace Alliance: Seattle Tower, Suite 1600, 1218 Third Ave, Seattle,WA 98101.. Website:
Email: . (206) 443-5712 Fax: (206) 224-4344


David Swain, Senior Vice President of Engineering and Technology for the Boeing Company has agreed to serve as Executive Chair for the inaugural Aerospace Congress & Exhibition (ACE) to be held in Seattle September 10-14, 2001 at the Washington State Convention Center, Washington,USA. Mr Swain also serves as President of Phantom Works, the research and development arm of Boeing. Serving as the General Chair, is William Rickard, Director MD10 for the Boeing Company.

The Congress and Exhibition is a partnership between SAE Aerospace and Aerospace North America. It combines seven successful and well established events into one major event in a single location. Held together with the International Tradeshow are five important SAE conferences:

- The World Aviation Congress - which includes the Airframe and Engine Repair Conference, the Aerospace

- Manufacturing Technology Conference, Advances in Aviation Safety Conference, AEROFAST - the

- Aerospace Automated Fastening Conference and the
- International Conference on Lightning and Static Electricity.
An Airline IT conference is being arranged by Airline Business, the strategy magazine for airline boardrooms worldwide.

Mr. Swain said: "I am pleased and honored to serve as Executive Chair for this event. Boeing will be your ACE host during this week of meetings, discussions and activities on a wide range of commercial, military, general aviation and space business and regulatory topics. The event exhibition will feature hundreds of new and advanced aerospace products from across the globe plus other activities are also being planned that will make this a very busy and valuable week." SAE, the world's leader in the development and publication of aerospace consensus standards, is a not for profit society devoted to the advancement of mobility technology.

Aerospace North America, formerly known as Airshow Canada, is a not for profit organization, focused on the development of the North American aerospace exhibition and tradeshow. It formed a partnership with SAE Aerospace in 1999, to stage the Aerospace Congress and Exhibition.

Aerospace North America and SAE Aerospace are exhibiting at Farnborough in Hall 3, C-9. For more information, contact Aerospace North America by email at or fax 604-473-9611 and SAE Aerospace by email at or fax 724-776-0210.


... Profile of Seattle and its Airport Complex.


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