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Evolution of the Manufactured Housing Industry

Manufactured housing is an important part of the total housing stock available to British Columbians today, providing some 90,000 houses. In the last decade alone, MHABC Members built and delivered 14,198 new single-detached homes for British Columbians - in 1990 almost 75% were single-section homes - by 2000 more than 50% were multiple-section homes.

Factory-built or prefab buildings were used from the late 1800s for things like "instant" bank buildings during the Klondike Gold Rush and as "catalogue" homes to be shipped by rail and wagon to homesteads

After World War II, and particularly as the North American economy grew through the 1950s and 1960s, housing demand often outpaced local supply and/or construction capacity, giving birth to the "mobile" home. Photo: Manufacturered Housing Association display at the 2001 UBCM Municipal Marketplace.

Demand for the mobile homes peaked by the mid-1970s following the last major growth of resource based industries. The full CSA Mobile Home Series of Standards (CSA Z240) was introduced Canada-wide in 1972, offering a recognized mark of quality manufacturing to homebuyers.

In the last 25 years, the mobile home has continued to meet the demand for basic, affordable housing and offered more features to meet specific housing needs, such as those mature buyers - the modern mobile home is virtually indistinguishable from site-built construction

The "modular" home has grown to meet the various demands for quality-built permanent homes, which are very cost effective and can be sited almost everywhere.

(Manufactured Housing Association of BC)

An incorporated society from 1980. Originated as a group of western mobile home dealers in the 1970 . Later included manufacturers, transporters and other suppliers. Represents factory construction and home sales throughout B.C

MHABC is actively involved with all subjects impacting factory-built homes

- Works closely with federal, provincial and local governments

- Addresses building standards, zoning, and use, financing

- Attends to licensing, home warranty and consumer relations

- Maintains regular contacts on home community (home park) issues

MHABC presents manufactured homes to regulators and homebuyers

Dealers are the full-time retailers of manufactured homes in BC

MHABC and Members put on Annual Home Shows for the public - such as Abbotsford, Armstrong, Kamloops, Nanaimo, Prince George.

MHABC and Members regularly participate in Union of B.C. Municipalities' Conventions - UBCM Show Homes in Penticton, Victoria, Vernon, Whistler - and B.C. Building Officials' Conventions.

Web Site: HTTP://WWW.MHABC.COM/index.htm