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Joseph C. Whitehead, former publlisher of the Journal of Commerce and BC Lumberman, anchors BC Scene's first Forestry Edition, to be launched in December 2001. Six leaders from BC's Forest Industry provide a unique perspective on the future of British Columbia's largest employer.

Forestry Editions

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4. Wood Works
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6. Forestry Facts
7. Fire Hazards
8. Insect Control
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Editorial Schedule 2002

"State of the Industry" .............. ....January, Feburary

BC Truck Loggers Convention edition - January.
BC Economic Summit edition - February 26 (Two isses for one buy).

"Regulatory Environment"....... April

"Regional Concerns"...................... June

"Marketplace Issues"..................... October

Advertising $50 per column inch.
Phone (604) 681-0718 or order by E-mail .
Advertising closes 20th of previous month.
Mailing to key executives worldwide, plus full airport/ airline distribution.

Editorial Menu: Leaders from BC's Forest Industry will provide their unique perspectives on the future of British Columbia's largest employer.

Who's Who in Forestry? The industry associations.
.The corporate and government scene.

BC Truck Loggers Conference Preview.

Area Solutions: Interviews with mayors of BC's forestry communities.

Mountain Pine Beetle: Latest invasion sweeps the province.

BC Forestry World Markets and Trade Agreements.

BC Municipal Marketplace (UBCM) Conference highlights.

Architectural Trends and cost of wood vs. steel buildings.

Manufactured Wood Products: New markets and creative applications.

West Coast Homes: New designs and new projects underway.

Meet BC's Forestry Minister: Mike DeJong feature profile.

Unique Lodges and Resorts featuring imaginative use of wood.

Fighting Forest Fires: Equipment, networks and technology.

Forestry Museums and public educational sites.

Canadian Forests: Louis D'Amore's Business Quarterly update.

Foreign Markets Community Stability Forest Renewal
Fish and Wildlife Watershed Management Wood Utilization
Recreation Visual Impact Commercial Values Inventory
Selection Logging Soil Conservation Monitoring Research
Harvesting Insects Burning Biological Diversity
Public Participation.

























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