Winter Olympic Games 2010

World Culinary Tourism Expo

World Cup Fever 2010

World Airline Routes 2010 Convention

World Travel Market Awards, London

Discover the Old West in Santa Fe

LA Times Travel & Adventure Show

Mayors meet at World Urban Forusm


SpeedNews Conferences

SpeedNews Conferences, the leader in global executive events, provides targeted information and professional networking opportunities for senior-level aviation decision makers, aerospace leaders, financial institutions, economic development organizations, and industry analysts. Each conference delivers an array of commercial aviation, raw materials, defense aviation, aerospace manufacturing, economic development, M&A developments, and regional and business aviation information and data. 

SpeedNews Conferences offer an unmatched depth of market data and innovative ways to present your organization's materials. Meet with distinguished experts in the aerospace industry, and learn about current trends, new products and forecasts, as well as network with your customers and peers. From aircraft and engine manufacturing to current financial reports and data, you will walk away with timely, crucial knowledge from these experts to help guide your business plans for the coming year. 

To stay on top of our Conferences, please view the current issue of Conference Watch - the bimonthly newsletter which provides a glimpse into our SpeedNews Conferences, the highlights and the foresights, and a peek into our Conferences on the horizon.

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