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Joseph C. Whitehead, former publlisher of the Journal of Commerce and BC Lumberman, anchors BC Scene's first Forestry Edition, to be launched in December 2001. Six leaders from BC's Forest Industry will provide a unique perspective on the future of British Columbia's largest employer.

"British Columbia has magnificent forests, unrivaled forest stewardship and a world class forest industry. Unfortunately, our forest industry has ceased to be competitive globally. We have the potential to revitalize this industry if we can improve our forest policies" Ron MacDonald, COFI CEO

What is The Council of Forest Industries?
A trade association incorporated in 1960, COFI is the provincial voice of the British Columbia Forest Industry. COFI represents over 100 forest companies and six forest industry trade associations. Our member companies operate throughout the province; manage forest resources; manufacture lumber, pulp, paper, plywood and other value-added forest products; and sell these products locally, nationally and internationally. COFI focuses on seven major areas: Aboriginal Affairs; Energy and Environment; Forestry; Markets/Trade; Occupational Health and Safety; Taxation and Transportation.

Governance and Management
COFI is a member driven organization. It is governed by a Board of Directors elected from among its company and association members. The Board utilizes committees, comprised of industry representatives, to provide it with advice on issues within COFI's mandate. Under the direction of the President and Chief Executive Officer, COFI's staff manage the activities of the organization and its representation of the industry.

COFI Members

BC Pulp and Paper Association
Canadian Plywood Association (
Cariboo Lumber Manufacturers' Association (
Coast Forest & Lumber Association (
Interior Lumber Manufacturers' Association (

Northern Forest Products Association (

100 Mile House Wood Products
Ainsworth Lumber Company Ltd.
Akal Forest Products
Apollo Forest Products Ltd.
Ardew Wood Products Ltd.
Arrow Reload Systems Inc.
Atco Lumber Ltd.
B.J. Carney & Company Ltd.
Bell Pole Company
Burnslake Specialty Wood Ltd.
C. Newton Manufacturing
Canadian Forest Products Ltd.
Canadian Woodworks Ltd.
Cariboo Pulp & Paper Company
Carrier Lumber Ltd.
Cattermole Timber
Celgar Pulp Company
Chimney Creek Lumber Co. Ltd.
Columbia Log Works
Corp. of the District of N. Cowichan
Coulson Forest Products
Crestbrook Forest Industries Ltd.
D & D Wood Products
Delta Cedar Products Ltd.
Dezti Wood Ltd.
District of Mission
Dollar Saver Lumber Ltd.
Doman-Western Lumber Ltd.
Domtar Inc.
Donohue Forest Products Inc.
Dunkley Lumber Ltd.
East Fraser Fiber Company Ltd.
East Kootenay Lumber & Webbing
Evergreen Forest Products
Federated Co-operatives Ltd.
Galloway Lumber Company Ltd.
Goose Creek Lumber Ltd.
Gorman Bros. Lumber Ltd.
Greater Vancouver Regional District
Hauer Brothers Lumber Ltd.
Hill & Sons Custom Planing Ltd.
Houston Forest Products Ltd.
Hudson, Mitchell & Sons Lumber Inc.
Interact Wood Products
International Forest Products Ltd.
J.H. Huscroft Ltd

J.R. Blackmore & Sons Ltd.
J.S. Jones Timber Ltd.
Jackpine Forest Products Ltd.
Joe Kozek Sawmills Ltd.
Jones Ties & Poles (1978) Ltd.
Kalesnikoff Lumber Company Ltd.
Kispiox Forest Products
Kitwanga Lumber Company Ltd.
Kyahwood Forest Products Ltd.
Lakeland Mills Ltd.
Landmark Truss & Lumber Inc.
Lidwood Products Ltd.
Lignum Ltd.
Linde Bros. Lumber Ltd.
Louie Russo Sawmills
LP Engineered Wood Products Ltd.
Lytton Lumber Ltd.
M & T Wood Products Ltd.
Mardis Forest Products Ltd.
McDonald Ranch & Lumber
Meadow Creek Cedar Ltd.
Merrill & Ring Canadian Properties
Mitsui Home Canada Inc.
Nechako Lumber Company Ltd.
NMV Lumber Ltd.
North Star Hardware & Building Supplies Ltd.
North American Wood Treating Corp.
Ospika Lath & Pre-Cut Ltd.
Pal & Son Custom Planing Ltd.
Pope & Talbot Ltd
Primex Forest Products Ltd.
Richmond Plywood Corporation Ltd.
Riverside Forest Products Ltd.
S & O Sawmills Ltd.
Scott Paper Ltd.
Seel Forest Products Ltd.
Skeena Cellulose Inc.
Slocan Group
Stella-Jones Inc.
Stuart Lake Lumber Company Ltd.
Terminal Forest Products Ltd.
The Pas Lumber Company Ltd.
Thomson Industries Ltd.
Timberland Supply Company Ltd.
TimberWest Forest Corp.
|Tl'oh Forest Products Limited Partnership|Tolko Industries Ltd.
Trans-Pacific Trading
Viceroy Homes Ltd.
Weldwood of Canada Ltd.
West Chilcotin Forest Products Ltd.
West Fraser Timber Company Ltd.
West Hill Lumber (1988) Ltd.
Western Cleanwood Preservers Ltd.
Weyerhaeuser Company Ltd.
Williams Lake Cedar Products Ltd.
Woodland Forest Products Ltd.
Wynndel Box & Lumber Co. Ltd.


Canadian Mill Services Association


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Photos courtesy of the BC Council of Forest Industries