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The Forestry Scene ...

Lake sceneJoseph C. Whitehead, Western Canada's pioneer publisher in forestry, lumber and construction, anchors our Forestry Edition, featuring: •Foreign Markets •Community Stability •Forest Renewal •Fish and Wildlife Habitat •Watershed Management •Wood Utilization •Recreation •Visual Impact •Commercial Values •Inventory •Selection Logging •Soil Conservation •Monitoring •Research •Harvesting •Insects and Pesticides •Burning •Biological Diversity •Public Participation.

Facts about BC Forestry
British Columbia, on the west coast of Canada, has a population of more than 4 million people. The province is internationally renowned for its rich and abundant forests. British Columbia encompasses 95 million hectares (234 million acres), which is about double the size of California or Sweden. Forests cover about two-thirds of the province. These forests are central to British Columbia's way of life. They are vital to the province's economy and provide jobs for many who live here. Our forests are home to an abundance of wildlife, provide drinking water and opportunities for recreation, and speak to B.C.'s spiritual and cultural values.

* British Columbia's land-use planning directly involves communities, local residents and all stakeholders in resolving land and resource issues.

* The forest sector's contribution to governments is almost equivalent to the Ministry of Education's annual Kindergarten to Grade 12 operating budget.

* 95% of British Columbia's forests are publicly owned and a provincial licensing and regulatory system tightly control their use.

*More than 270,000 British Columbians -- 14 per cent of the total workforce -- are employed directly or indirectly by the forest industry.

*Forestry activity contributes approximately $17 billion to the province's gross domestic product (GDP).

*The Ministry of Finance has concluded, "community dependence on the forest industry is significant and growing".

* The forest sector supports more BC communities outside the GVRD than all other business sectors combined.

*In 31 local areas, containing 270 communities, forest activity accounts for more than 20 per cent of the area's income.

*Forestry activity in BC generates approximately $4 billion in government revenues annually.

*In Metro Vancouver alone, forestry accounts for over 120,000 direct and indirect jobs.

Geographical Comparison

Overlaid on a map of Europe the forests of Canada would cover:

* Great Britain,

* Ireland,

* Portugal,



*The Netherlands,












*The Czech Republic,






Photos and information courtesy of the BC Council of Forest Industries