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Projects Showcase the Wise Use of Energy and Power Smart Homes

Editor's Introduction: For over a decade I worked with Canadian Power company clients, oil and gas associations and governments to promote the wise use of energy in all its forms. These assignments took myself, my two sons and other staff from Long Beach, CA in the Southwest to Quebec City in the Northeast. Along the way we received the US Industrial Film Festival's Creative Excellence Award twice for our efforts. It was all a grand education, and we're still learning.

Some of the themes we created included Mr. Wonderfuel, the “Your Nose Knows” Air Conditioning campaign, and the "Light Brigade" campaign for Security Lighting. At the same time, my work with the home building industry took many directions, from the annual Parade of Homes and HUDAC's HomeExpo to international public affairs and marketing for the Manufactured Housing Industry. One of my BC builder clients was among the first to introduce "Power Smart" homes prior to Expo '86. That's why we took plenty of time this year at the 98th UBCM Municipal Marketplace at Vancouver Convention Centre to seek out news and information on this important area for readers of BC Scene Magazine. Many of the items and features will appear first in this section of our web site. Editor

Port Alberni Power Generation project

News Release: BC Hydro and Calpine Canada Power Holdings Ltd. (Calpine) are proposing to develop a$300 million, 265 MW (295 MW with duct firing) high efficiency combined-cycle, natural gas-fired electricity generation facility. The preferred site is in the Port Alberni Industrial Park at the end of Tebo Avenue. The proposed project will utilize state-of-the-art turbine and emission control technology, and be one of the cleanest facilities in North America. Calpine, based in Calgary, Alberta, is a subsidiary of Calpine Corporation of San Jose, California, one of the leading independent power producers in the US. Calpine is currently developing the Calgary Energy Centre, a 250 MW combined-cycle, natural gas-fired facility near Calgary.

Why is this project being developed?

This project is being developed to meet the anticipated demand for power on Vancouver Island in the winter of 2003/2004. That demand is projected to grow at a rate of about 35 MW per annum. It will also help to replace electricity that is currently being delivered to Vancouver Island via submarine cables, some of which are deteriorating and will be decommissioned in stages between now and 2007.

The electricity to be generated by PAGP is part of BC Hydro's committed resource base. This means that BC Hydro's firm electricity supply must increase sufficiently by 2003/2004 in order to meet the system's projected demand.As part of a complete government shakedown

BC Hydro is shopping for buyers for three of its operations.
October 2001: BC Hydro, a Crown agency has reported that it's looking for joint partnerships with the private sector in its customer and fleet services divisions, and Westech, Hydro's information technology branch. More to come.



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