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Joseph C. Whitehead, Western Canada's pioneer publisher in forestry, lumber and construction, anchors our Forestry Edition, featuring: •Foreign Markets •Community Stability •Forest Renewal •Fish and Wildlife Habitat •Watershed Management •Wood Utilization •Recreation •Visual Impact •Commercial Values •Inventory •Selection Logging •Soil Conservation •Monitoring •Research •Harvesting •Insects and Pesticides •Burning •Biological Diversity •Public Participation.


Facts about Forestry

* Over 15 million hectares of old growth are either protected or in areas that are not planned to be harvested.

* BC's entire annual harvest comes from less than 200,000 hectares - less than 1 per cent of the working forest.

* The government makes over 45,000 inspections of industry practices each year and has found a 98 per cent compliance.

* To protect lands in their natural state forever, BC has protected almost 12 million hectares.

* The province has dedicated more than 12 per cent of BC land to parks.

* By law, all harvested areas must be reforested. We will soon plant our 5 billionth tree.

* More than 200 million seedlings, or about three seedlings for every tree cut, are planted every year to supplement natural regrowth.

* Operations representing more than 40% of the allowable harvest are certified, and more certifications are on the way.

* Almost 50% of all silviculture expenditures in Canada occur in BC.

* There is more old growth in BC now than there was 100 years ago.

* The Forest Practices Code of BC was adopted in 1995 and requires some of the most stringent forest practices requirements in the world.

* More than half of BC's forested area has had little or no human disturbance.

*A pproximately 26 million hectares of the productive forest area is mature or old growth forest.

* More than 3.2 million hectares, or 13% of old growth forests are protected.

* Second growth forests are growing 20-30 per cent faster than predicted.

* We've been logging for more than 120 years and still almost 80 per cent of our forests remain untouched.

* The Canadian forest industry harvests less than 1/400th of the nation's forests annually.

* We've already met the World Wildlife Fund target for total protected forest area.

* Since 1992, we've created more than 300 new protected areas.

* In 2000 we met the United Nations target for total protected areas.

* Forests cover 62% of BC, but the Working Forest is limited to just 24% of the province.

* BC has established Canada's only grizzly bear sanctuary at the Khutzeymateen Valley.

* The Forest Practices code contains special measures to protect biodiversity, wildlife and community watersheds.

* A grizzly bear conservation plan and the Spotted Owl Management Plan will protect critical habitat and sustain the populations.

Photos and information courtesy of the BC Council of Forest Industries