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Visa and Passport Connection

Vancouver, BC, Canada

1. World's leading "Electronic Visas" process

2. Save the time and cost of expensive photos,
money orders and calls

3. Professional document checks

4. World's leading "Electronic Tracking" system

5. Central convenient service centre

6. Current 24 hour electronic "INTERFAX" faxback system

7. Exclusive arrangements with Embassies

8. Free custom passport covers

9. Discount group rates

10. Rebate programs and direct electronic invoicing

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Due to government regulations if you are applying for a:

BRAZILIAN VISA - You must have a full postal address in Canada west of Manitoba. All non-Canadian passport holders are required to show their original Landed Immigrant Papers or work/student visa.

INDIAN VISA - You must have a full postal address in Canada west of Ontario. All non-Canadian passport holders are required to show their original Landed Immigrant Papers or work/student visas.

Legal Disclaimer
Visa Connection Ltd., shall not be responsible for loss or damage to passports nor for delays in issuance of replacement visas due to circumstances or causes beyond its control, nor does it assume any responsibility whatsoever for injury, damage, loss, accident or delay to any person or property which shall arise due to causes beyond its control and not occasioned by its fault nor due to any act of negligence of any other party, war, strike, civil turmoil, riots, fire, acts of any government agency thereof, failure of transportation communication, or acts of God. The applicant expressly acknowledges that the decision to grant or deny the application for a visa is a decision of the country to which the application is made, and as such is outside the control of Visa Connection Ltd., Visa Connection Ltd., disclaims any liability for losses, damages, forfeitures of deposit or expenses, damages of any kind whatsoever incurred by the applicant in the event the visa applied for is denied or not obtained within a stated time period. The granting of any visa is subject to terms and conditions stated herein. Applicant acknowledges that the responsibility for the accuracy of the information contained in the visa applications is solely that of the applicant and Visa Connection Ltd., disclaims any responsibility therefore. Service and shipping fees will be charged once processing is started, even if the visa request is denied by the embassy or its official representative or canceled by the client or higher authority. Embassy consular fees may be refunded in whole or in part depending on the policy of the applicable country.

Contact us via e-mail:
General Inquiries about our VISA Services
VISA Support for Existing Clients

President Percy von Lipinski
investment oportunities @ VISA Connection

Status of your VISA application

Please note we can only respond to visa inquiries for residents of Canada and the United States. All enquiries should indicate nationality of traveller and his/her status in Canada/ U.S.A.

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