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titleYoung Eagles- Fotomation

Young Eagles soar at Abbotsford Airport
From Wing Span Magazine
by Jerry W. Bird

palne in flightIf, like many of us, you spent several of your teenage years as a member of Canada's cadet corps, you'll know the thrill and pride of accomplishment that a small group of young men and women from the Fraser Valley experienced in the skies over Abbotsford Airport last summer. They were all part of the EAA Aviation Foundation's "Young Eagles" program, whose mission is to provide a motivational aviation experience, focusing on a demonstration flight in an airplane.

The foundation's immediate goal, a lofty one, is to reach 1 million young people in the year 2003. That year marks the dawn of "Aviation's Second Century" and EAA's 50th Anniversary. In British Columbia and across North America, each Young Eagle will know the exhilaration and freedom of flight, as shared by a dedicated pilot whose life has been positively influenced by aviation.

Young Eagles Web Site: (Details)

Thanks to the Abbotsford Flying Club and *COPA Flight # 83, each member of the young Fraser Valley crew was taken for a thrilling ride on one of the AFC's light aircraft. For most Young Eagles, it was his or her maiden flight and first visit to the Abbotsford Airport. Like any regular pilot training routine, there was a "ground school" class prior to flight. To stress the importance of atmospheric conditions and cloud cover to the flight experience, the participants attended a lecture on meteorology and cloud formation. Family finances were not a factor in the selection of Young Eagles, since the entire program was complimentary.

Abbotsford Flying Club members volunteered their time to the Young Eagles project, and some supplied their personal aircraft so that no youngster would miss this "first in a lifetime" opportunity. According to Bob Robertson of the AFC, one club member rented an airplane at his own expense. The spin-off from this exercise was a superb public relations effort for Abbotsford Airport, a positive boost for aviation in general and the Abbotsford Flying Club in particular.

For more details or news of future Young Eagles programs, contact Mr. Robertson at (604) 864-9071.*Canadian Owners and Pilots Association. *Abbotsford Flying Club.

Chuck Yeager
A program of the EAA Aviation Foundation
New Horizons for a new generation
Young people hold the key to our future. To direct their energy, enthusiasm and potential into positive, fulfilling activities like aviation is to open doors to new and exciting horizons. It is our mission - and our responsibility - to do everything we can to help these young people discover and reach their full potential.
We have embarked upon a dynamic program that offers young people an opportunity to become actively involved in aviation. The Young Eagles Program offers young people an opportunity to look at the world from a new perspective and explore opportunities that transcend aviation. The Young Eagles Program is one of the most important things we will ever do as an organization. Photo above right: Chuck Yeager.

A young Eagle will also come to see and understand - as through the eyes of an eagle - that the true potential of life lies beyond everyday surroundings and may be reached through pursuit of high personal goals.

Becoming an EAA Young Eagle is as easy as one-two-three!
Step One:   Contact the Young Eagles office at 1-877-806-8902
Step Two: We'll tell you where to find a pilot near you!
Step Three: Take off!!! You and your personal pilot will zoom through the skies!
As long as you're between the ages of 8 and 17, you can be an EAA Young Eagle just like that! Not only will you fly for free, you'll also receive an official Young Eagle certificate - and your name will be entered in the World's Largest Logbook! So, what are you waiting for?