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Mr. Wonderfuel is Cooking With Gas!
by Jerry W. Bird

Mr. Wonderfuel, our cartoon mascot, proclaimed the joys of gas cooking and automotive fleet applications during a series of 20 audio visual modules and videos we wrote and produced for the Propane Gas Association of Canada during two decades. One of my group team members got into the act during, when, on short notice, we needed someone to play the role of the all knowing chef de cuisine. Charlie Crawford (left) was a natural for the role, and joined us on many a barbecue and cookout in backyards and backwoods. One shoot included a feast of fresh caught Rocky Mountain Rainbow trout from the Kananaskis Forestry Reserve. Based in Calgary, Alberta at the time, there was no shortage of succulent steak to barbecue. Now in this new millennium, "What goes around comes around. Through the magic of the Internet, CD-Rom and Adobe PDF, Air Highways Magazine will be releasing a series of Mr. Wonderfuel episodes with cooking and safety tips. Watch for it in our features on Recreational Vehicles and Camping.






As they say, time flies when you're having fun! It's getting close to the 20th Anniversary of Mr. Wonderful, an animated cartoon character we created for the Propane Gas Association of Canada to tell the fascinating story of propane to worldwide audiences. Since propane is popular for cooking in the "Great Outdoors," far from the nearest town, it has a prominent role in our various Travel & Aviation magazines - for many good reasons. Like our editors and writers, Mr. Wonderfuel loves to travel. We provided his own special theme music, and in each snappy introduction, he changed from a liquid to a vapor and back again in a wink. From day one, our comic celebrity Mr. Wonderfuel, became a motivator, a driving instructor, a chef, a goodwill ambassador and a substitute teacher, in training classes for propane company employees across Canada.

Propane's Role at Airports. Propane Powered Vehicles
In the continuing tale of Mr. Wonderfuel and his friends from the world of Propane, my two sons and I visited Sky Harbor Airport in Phoenix, Arizona, a Canadian Army base and Hydro Quebec operation in Quebec City, the Rego valve manufacturing complex in Chicago, a propane heated hog farm near Butte, Montana, a mining operation near Helena, and a native school on the Grand Canyon. We filmed truck, bus and taxi fleets in Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Winnipeg, Los Angeles -- many centers where propane was in use. Personal safety was high on the agenda, and on this topic alone, we produced over 10 training features, working with the national railroads, equipment manufacturers, governments, oil companies and transportation firms. As members of the industry association, all had a vital interest in what we were doing. That's how I feel today working closely with international travel associations -- so things haven't changed that much.

information about the various tools used in the kitchen.


web site: http:www.usepropane.com