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Dear Sirs,

I would like to offer you our system called Flight Operation System. The Flight Operation System is a complex IT solution for flight schools, flying clubs, private and corporate aircraft operators and air taxi businesses. The Standard Edition offers a simple, yet very effective tool for aircraft & pilot scheduling and record keeping. In addition to these features, the Enterprise Edition offers a detailed flight training record keeping for several types of training courses and a complex Finance module that can be tied to a third party accounting software. Enterprise Edition can be further customized to meet individual client needs. And to get the system, you don't need to build a sophisticated computer system. It is based on ASP (Application System Provider) principles, so you can fully access your flight operation system anywhere in the world from any Internet connected computer.



This module provides a database of users/pilots, with features focused on facilitating flight operations. A wide range of personal data can be gathered and updated. Multiple invoicing addresses for a particular user are supported, flight activity reports are available, pilot certificates and ratings are managed. Pilot enrollment to various training courses is managed here as well.


This module provides a tool for booking a flight, with on-line control of aircraft availability and utilization. User selects date and time, aircraft to be flown and may post a request for a pilot or instructor, if necessary. Special requests, such as immigration clearance, special aircraft equipment, may be also posted. This module offers also a personnel scheduling tool.


This module largely automates the flight dispatch process. All important flight information is stored, including route of flight, names of passengers, fuel on board etc. A weight and balance check, as well as fuel quantity check may be automatically performed to avoid mishaps. A lot of useful pre-flight information is available to the pilot in the dispatch module.


This module facilitates flight reporting. User inserts each flight he or she performed and all the necessary information is automatically forwarded to the pilot logbook, aircraft logbook and finance module. Flight logging recognizes various time bases used in aviation, including Flight time, Block time, Hobbs time and Tach time. Various records may use different time bases, making FOS recordkeeping system the most flexible one, adaptable to both FAR and JAR environments.


The finance module provides an effective tool for financial management of general aviation flight operations. Various price lists, discount groups, wet or dry aircraft billing and other aviation specific features are supported. Analytical tools are provided for ultimate finance control. The finance module can be easy connected with many accounting software systems for automatic data transfer.


This module is a simple communication tool between the aircraft operator and the users. It offers electronic library of files such as flight manuals, operating instructions etc., simple publishing system which may be used to disseminate articles and other information to users and there is also electronic mail, which functions both internally within the FOS and externally via e-mails. Operational information, such as weather, NOTAMs etc. is also accessible from this module.


This module provides ultimate fleet management. Aircraft can be grouped into categories as desired, connected to various pilot ratings required to operate particular category. Maintenance records, including Life time limited component managements are also provided.


This module provides tools for client setup, system settings, language localization and other customization options. Training management module is also accessed from this module.

If you find our system useful for your business and you are interested in more detailed information, please, visit our product website As well, you will find there a demoversion of the system available for your own testing. If you have any further enquiries about the product, we will be glad to assist you.

Ladislav Semetkovsky

Chief Executive Officer

Media Online Ltd., Moravkova 1254/18, 104 00 Praha, Czech Republic, email: Media Online Ltd., Chiemgaustrasse 116, 815 49 München, Germany, email: