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Air Safari in Tanzania with Pilot Iris McCallum

During our media "flightseeing tour" of the Serengeti Plain, Rift Valley, Ngorongoro Crater and other famous areas of Northern Tanzania in 1998, we had the opportunity of meeting and getting to know an exceptional personality. In fact, she was our pilot and captain for two great days of fun in the sun, at one of Africa's most treasured game reserves. We stayed at Serena's rustic, yet elegant Serengeti Lodge, which was a real payoff after a hectic week of Congress business. More on our trip in a few weeks, but for now we offer a brief profile.

Iris McCallum, General Manager and Chief Pilot of Regional Air Services, based in Arch, Tanzania, has been flying for 23 years, with over 13,000 flying hours. Regional Air launched its first charter in June, 1997 after successfully obtaining an Air Operators' Certificate from the Tanzania Directorate of Civil Aviation. Scheduled services began the following month, with a Piper nine- passenger twin engine turboprop aircraft operating on a three times weekly basis to Lake Mantra, Serener and Gamete River Camp. For information on Regional Air Services call 011- 255 57 3453 .

Air Safaris 2000 in America and Africa

Associate Editor Muguette Goufrani is producing a special "Air Safaris Section" for the ATA 2000 Congress in Addis Ababa. If you have items on this topic, fax them to Muguette at 604-681-6595 or e-mail Our Air Safari with Regional Airlines of Arusha, and our stay at Serena's Serengeti Lodge was an unforgettable experience. More to come on that exciting journey. In the photo (left) is the famous Canso Flying Boat used in anti submarine duty by the Royal Canadian Airforce, and later in forest fire protection on the Pacific Coast. Two of these rare aircraft are being restored at Nanaimo Airport, BC, for possible service in tourism in Africa.


17-day Africa by Air Safari is designed to capture the timeless nature of this rugged continent, tracing Africa's Great Rift Valley via an exclusively chartered, beautifully restored Douglas DC-6 propliner. Beginning in South Africa, passengers will travel through a host of countries - Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Tanzania, Uganda and Ethiopia - exploring the wonders of each. Highlights include majestic Victoria Falls, the snowcapped grandeur of Kilimanjaro, the living rock churches of Lalibela in Ethiopia, and the Chobe, Serengeti, and Murchison Falls National Parks. (Scroll or click for more)

 More Air Safaris (from above) Also featured will be one of the most magnificent wildlife spectacles on Earth - the annual great plains migration. From the air, participants will see herds of wildebeests, zebras and gazelles (together with their ever-watchful predators), all make their way across the beautiful African plains. This unforgettable expedition of classical proportion is available at a per person price of US$15,990, all inclusive, and departs 08 April 2000. Now adventurers can climb aboard a vintage DC-6 propliner to see Africa from a bird's eye view or explore the outback of Australia's Kimberley region via boat. Zegrahm DeepSea Voyages takes participants to a world unlike any other, a silent world filled with famous shipwrecks, erupting volcanic chimneys, and beautiful alien-like creatures. This deep ocean world can now be seen up-close and in one-atmosphere comfort from the viewport of an "inner spacecraft." Utilizing the latest technology, deep-diving submersibles can accommodate up to three passengers at a time, including the pilot. From the awesome wreck of the Titanic, to the smoking chimneys of undersea volcanoes, to the 19th-century H.M.S. Breadalbane, under the arctic ice, adventurers can explore a host of underwater travel frontiers. Prices range from US$3,890 to US$35,500 per person, depending on the expedition, and various departure dates are offered in 2000.

One of the last, great unspoiled destinations in the world is now gaining popularity: Mongolia, land of Chinggis Khaan. In this remote land, you'll find the world's greatest dinosaur graveyard, as well as countless haunting vistas: sand dunes soaring a thousand feet high; camel trains shimmering through desert air; beautiful temples; thrilling horseback riding, and much more. This 16-day itinerary explores Mongolia via plane, privately chartered helicopter, jeep, bus, horseback, and camel. Departing 21 July 2000, the per person price is US$8,450 and is limited to just 14 participants

Discover with Zegrahm the wonders of The Kimberley: Australia's Outback. This 14-day tour offers a unique Australian travel experience to a fascinating - and vastly unspoiled - region. Specifically tailored by Zegrahm staff, travelers will search out Aboriginal cave paintings on sacred islands, cruise via a specially built excursion boat past sheer cliffs and majestic waterfalls, and hike everywhere from ancient burial sites to bustling city streets. "The Land of Wait Awhile" is home to a vast array of unique wildlife, from wallabies, dugongs, green sea and leatherback turtles, to cockatoos, willy wagtails, and crocodiles over 20 feet long. Also offered are helicopter flight seeing tours and a visit to Mitchell Falls.

Prices for this extraordinary experience begin at US$5,480, with a choice of two departure dates, 28 April and 09 May 2000. In the past century, many mystic lands and ancient cultures have been closed to visitors by governments. One such place is the Himalayan Kingdom of Tibet, one of the least visited places on earth. Closed to foreign visitors until 1980, it remains in many ways a land shrouded in mystery. This 18-day overland journey departing 24 March 2000, takes travelers from Tibet's Valley of the Kings through its revered capital of Lhasa and on to an array of villages and towns nestled within the spectacular Himalayas, before culminating in Katmandu, Nepal. From chanting red-robed monks togolden-roofed monasteries clinging to mountaintops to the snowcapped peaks of the mighty Himalayas, this odyssey offers the most wondrous, brooding and primordial landscapes on earth. Join Eco Expeditions for an unforgettable pilgrimage to a land described as "a blend of Shangri-La and Tolkien's trilogy." Prices start at US$6,950 per person. Just south of Tibet lies a country with enough wonders to fill a lifetime of exploration. From lumbering elephants to crouching tigers, luxuriant jungles to domed palaces, adventurers will find a sublimely haunting landscape full of intoxicating sensations and lasting memories in exquisite India. This 20-day safari offers an unforgettable visit to Western India, a land of

temples and tombs; of bazaars laden with dazzling silks, legendary gemstones, and oriental carpets; and a rich and bountiful array of wildlife. Departing 06 March 2000, participants pay US$7,950 each to join Eco for an unforgettable safari through this wondrous travel frontier. Put away images of devastation and desolation and journey with Zegrahm through Vietnam, the land of the ascending dragon. A narrow country with miles and miles of coastline, Vietnam is an ideal region to explore via expedition ship. During two 10-day voyages slated for October, 2001, participants will breeze tranquil bays dotted with the sails of junks and sampans, venture inland during several excursions, and visit some of the hundreds of temples and pagodas erected throughout the country. They will cruise the full length of the Vietnam coast, journeying up the Perfume River to the citadels in Hue. Also offered are extensions through Laos andCambodia. Rich in fascinating landscapes and a cultural history spanning over 4,000 years, Vietnam is opening up as a new travel frontier. Per person prices to start in the low US$5,000 range.

All Zegrahm & Eco programs employ leading scientists, historians, and naturalists to lecture on the local habitat, natural history, and fascinating tales of the areas visited. For reservations, brochures, or further information, contact Zegrahm & Eco Expeditions at 1414 Dexter Ave. N, Suite 327, Seattle, WA 98109 USA. Phone: (206) 285-4000 or (800) 628-8747. Fax: (206) 285-5037. Access them on the Internet at or send e-mail to

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