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We're an independent publishing group, launched in 1992 with a multi-modal Supermap, special event magazines and e-zines.

- The US-Canada Open Skies Agreement and Transport Canada's National Airports Policy gave birth to our first Air Highways edition.

- Apec '97 was the staging point for our Asia Pacific Travel series.

- The ATA International Congress in May and the Cultural-Ecotourism Symposium in December, have anchored our Africa Travel series since 1996. Each magazine has its own web site, providing a network that allows cross-promotion of client activities. As a further stimulus, we organize trade shows, missions and seminars.

Air Highways Magazine
The Journal of Open Skies features air and marine gateways to trade and travel. Copies are available via tourism offices, airports, heliports, government agencies and travel trade associations. A popular item is the fold-out Supermap of air routes and connecting transportation.

World Scene Magazines
We provide regional e-zines, supported by printed editions targeting scheduled events. BC Scene features economic development, travel and tourism in British Columbia and Canada's Yukon. A Western Canada Scene edition is in progress, with a focus on transportation and resources.

Africa Travel Magazine
Launched in 1995, this full color magazine is now published in English and French. It is produced in partnership with the Africa Travel Association, a nonpolitical, nonprofit organization with head office in New York, NY, USA.
Subscriptions and archive editions $6.00 US.


Who-oo says it's a keeper?

Who-oo says each copy is a keeper?
Our readers do. They have at least 6 reasons to save each printed edition, which, like National Geographic, never seems out of date.

1. One of a kind information
2. Supermaps of air, land and sea routes.
3. Exclusive in-depth items
4. Key historical features.
5. Specific destination coverage.
6. Advance editions of books and guides.

Who-oo advertises in your magazines
and exhibits at your events?

Our advertisers represent every facet of travel, trade and transportation; from major airlines to seaplane and helicopter services; from remote lodges to international hotel and resort chains; from remote communities to cities and countries. (list on next page)

Here is an overview of our advertiser classifications:

1. TRAVEL DESTINATIONS: Airports & Seaports / Chambers of Commerce/ National Trade & Tourism Offices

2. ACCOMMODATION: Hotels & Resorts/ Lodges/ Ranches

3. TRANSPORTATION: Airlines/ Cruise lines/ Railways/ Bus lines/
Automobile and RV Rental/ Limousines

4. TRAVEL/ TOURS: Group tours/ Fam Tours/ Wholesalers/ Consolidators/
5. ACTIVITIES/ OUTDOORS: Golf Resorts/ Ski Areas/ Cruises / Fishing Charters

6. ENTERTAINMENT/ SHOWTIME: Attractions/ Restaurants / Events/ Pro Sports/ Arts/ Theme parks/ Casinos/
Conferences/ Anniversaries

7. PROPERTY/ REAL ESTATE: Retirement & Vacation Properties/ Tax Shelters / Time Share/ Airport Land Development/ Real Estate Services

8. BUSINESS/ INSTITUTIONAL: Banks/ Financial / Associations/ Hi Tech / Computers & Internet/ Communications / Automotive/ Leasing
9. TOURISM CAREERS: Colleges/ Training Seminars/ Placement/ Career Ops/

10. HEALTH / SECURITY: Vaccines/ Remedies/ Health Spas/ Medical Plans/ Travel Insurance

11. AIRPORT COMMERCE: Ground Services/ Shops/ Parking/ Restaurants/ Couriers/ Cargo

12. MARKETPLACE- MAIL ORDER: Arts & Crafts / Books & tapes/ Luggage / Maps / Cosmetics /
Fashions: Cruise, Safari, Ski and Golf Wear/ The Ethnic Look


For advertising rates and data, we request that you fax or e-mail us, providing your name, return address and contact details.

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