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Fly the Air Highways to Toronto's Travel & Leisure Show

\\Canada's largest Travel & Leisure Show is located at the International Centre, Airport Road, Mississauga

Location: Toronto's International Centre is located just north of Toronto's Pearson International Airport at Derry Road and minutes from downtown via highways 401 and 427. It is close to major hotels and car friendly with FREE PARKING. There is also direct access to public transportation. The Travel & Leisure Show opens up a world of travel opportunities, no matter what your holiday dreams. The International Centre can be easily reached by direct GO Transit bus service from Yorkdale and York Mills subway stations.

There are free seminars on a wide range of destinations will run throughout the Show. Continuous international live entertainment sets a holiday mood on the Travel & Leisure Show's Main Stage.



Facts: Toronto lies on the shore of Lake Ontario, the easternmost of the Great Lakes. Home to more than 2 million people, the city is the key to one of North America's most vibrant regions, the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). 4.5 million Canadians live in the GTA, the cultural, entertainment, and financial capital of the nation. The city is also the seat of the Ontario government.

That is why Toronto abounds in investment and employment opportunities in such diverse fields as banking and financial services, film and television production, and fashion, and also boasts a thriving arts community.

3,939 people per square km.

Toronto covers 632 sq.km. and is located on the northwest shore of Lake Ontario

One third of Canada's population is located within 160 km radius of Toronto.

One half of the population of the United States is within one day's drive of Toronto

Business/Economic Development

Toronto is Canada's gateway to the international market place. Thanks to NAFTA and other international agreements, Toronto is positioned to become the hub for goods, services and people throughout the western hemisphere. The city offers maximum accessibility to all parts of its region via modern highways, air, rail and urban transit. The city is the region's financial, commercial and administrative core. By maintaining high quality housing, day care, schools, social services and policing, our downtown core has remained vital, strong and safe. Toronto is a city where people of different ethnic and economic backgrounds live side-by-side in neighbourhoods and communities. As long as Toronto's urban core remains vibrant, its streets safe and its citizens secure, the entire area will enjoy a competitive advantage internationally.

Toronto voted best global City for business, (Fortune, 1996)

Financial centre of Canada, 4th largest in North America, employing 125,000 in financial sector

Home to 90 per cent of Canada's foreign banks, and its top accounting and mutual fund companies, and 80 per cent of Canada's largest R&D, law, advertising and high-tech firms

Known as "Silicon Valley North" with seven of the top 10 information technology companies, including the Canadian headquarters and research centres of Apple, Hewlett-Packard and Sun Microsystems

North America's 3rd largest Stock Exchange by value traded

75,000 businesses employ more than 1.2 million people

40 per cent of Canadian companies on Fortune's Global 500 are in Toronto

The nation's largest employment centre, with one sixth of Canada's jobs, and strong employment in both manufacturing and service industries

The 4th highest concentration of commercial software companies in the world, and one of North America's hottest animation centres

One of the best telecommunications networks in the world, with one of the highest percentage of fibre optic cable installed, and more wireless phones per capita, than anywhere in North America


Home to 4 professional sports teams; hockey (www.torontomapleleafs.com), football (www.argonauts.on.ca), basketball (www.nba.com/raptors), baseball (www.bluejays.com)

3rd largest English-language theatre centre in the world behind London and New York

Considered "Hollywood North" by film industry: 3rd in TV and film production, and 2nd as exporter of TV programming, in North America

Canada's #1 tourist destination, with 21 million visitors in 1999

Toronto has four English language dailies, The Globe and Mail, The National Post, The Toronto Star, The Toronto Sun; over 400 business periodicals, and 79 ethnic publications

Racial Diversity

Toronto is heralded as one of the most multicultural cities in the world

Toronto ranked as the safest large metropolitan area in North America by Places Rated Almanac

Toronto received 80,000 immigrants in 1997 from 169 countries

Over 100 languages are spoken in Toronto, and one third of Toronto residents speak at home a language other than English

48 per cent of Toronto's population are immigrants

Foreign-born residents comprise more than 50 per cent of population Infrastructure

Toronto has outstanding air, road and rail transportation facilities, including North America's second largest public transit system.

Toronto has an excellent telecommunications infrastructure in terms of access lines with digital switching and advanced signalling technology. Toronto is also located in the largest flat rate calling area in the world, and has the most fibre optic cable of any city in North America.

National Trade Centre is the 3rd largest exhibit facility in North America with over 1 million sq. ft. of exhibit space; the capacity of the Toronto Convention Centre recently doubled

Over 7,800 restaurants and 32,000 hotel rooms

North America's largest public transit system after New York

North America's largest continuous underground pedestrian system, connecting 1100 stores and restaurants, 48 office towers, 6 major hotels and several entertainment centres


Source: Toronto Board of Trade "Profile of Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area, 1998/99: Toronto business and market guide".