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About Toronto
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Census Metropolitan Area: TORONTO

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Business Networking in Toronto Area

The Progressive Group for Independent Business (PGIB) Western Canada's largest business organization has now expanded into Ontario. We want to introduce ourselves and help you grow your business at the same time! Join us for a night of business networking with many people in the Greater Toronto Area.

We have also invited members from the following organizations: Richmond Hill Board of Trade, Ajax / Pickering Chamber of Commerce, Scarborough Chamber of Commerce, Markham Board of Trade, Toronto Board of Trade, Economic Developers Association of Canada, Economic Development Council of Ontario, Business Development Bank of Canada, Canadian Business Magazine, Canadian Youth Business Foundation, Ontario Real Estate Association, Rotary, Women Who Excel, Kinsmen , Lions Club, Toastmasters, Concerned Christian Coalition Business Clubs, Hong Kong Canada Business Association, Canadian Association of Family Enterprise, Canadian Women's Business Network, Better Business Bureau, Canadian Franchise Association. Canadian Venture Capital Association, International Association of Administrative Professionals, Canadian Institute Leaders Series Club and many, many more!

Come, network and grow your business! Our Executives will introduce you to the people you want to meet that will be strategic alliances to your business. Meet potential customers. This is also an excellent opportunity to find out more about Ontario's newest and fastest growing business and taxpayer organization.

This event will sell out so call now for your tickets! We are selling tickets daily.

Never before have so many in the GTA's business community gathered together under one roof just to network and make new clients. Enjoy a drink, form a strategic alliance and make some sales possibly even on the spot!

COST: Only $20 includes appetisers - Everyone is welcome!

DATE & TIME: Tuesday, December 2, 2003 at 6:30 PM until 9:30 PM

DISPLAY TABLES: Tables are available to display your company merchandise or information. $75 for members and $125 non-members

Call Craig in Burlington at 905-336-0247 ext. 1 to reserve your tickets.

Small Business Rule #22: Never miss a meeting that could result in business!

If for some reason you cannot come but would still like to advertise in the program, please call, Craig B. Chandler, at 905-336-0247 and get representation at this powerful event (Business card size ad is only $100)


About PGIB

"Less Government Equals Lower Taxes"

The PGIB is Canada's fastest growing small business and taxpayer organization.  Founded in 1992, the PGIB has been a strong advocate for less government, lower taxes and political accountability at all levels of government. 

The average Canadian business pays far too many different Municipal, Provincial and Federal Government taxes.  PGIB feels that a dollar left in the hands of a taxpayer is more productive than that same dollar left in the hands of the government.  Government should regard public money as funds held in trust.  Governments should practice fiscal responsibility, beginning with a balanced budget. 

"In Canada, new groups including the Progressive Group for Independent Business...have formed specifically to protest government policies and the impact of their budgets is politically direct - not politically correct. "

Our Business Clubs offer you revolutionary networking methods and events that will increase your business.  Your "VIP" membership  card entitles you to numerous discounts across the country through our Member Discount Directory.  Also, as a corporate member, you will enjoy the loyalty of our extensive membership that will ensure continued patronage of your services. 

We welcome small "c" conservatives to join our ever-expanding ranks through our offices in Vancouver, Edmonton, Toronto and head office in Calgary, as well as a growing number of offices across Canada. 

We are confident that your membership in the PGIB will not only be prosperous, but also rewarding in the knowledge that you are contributing to a better Canada.