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EECO: Energy, Emissions & Environment Conference, Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Keep in touch for new dates and information on the next event in this important series.

The ONLY Forum on Cross-border Economic & Environmental Challenges in the Great Lakes Economic Region. Canada and the US share the largest single economic relationship that has ever existed, anywhere. Nowhere is this more pronounced than in the Great Lakes Economic Region.  Sustaining and enhancing this cross-border relationship requires new ideas and new strategic thinking on issues environmental as well as economic.  

EECO is the ONLY forum in the Great Lakes Economic Region designed to enable cross-border economic and environmental dialogue through integration of public policy, business strategies and capital flows.  


* Energy, Emissions & Environment

The US/Canada Bi-national Toxic Strategy: What's Now, What's Next, What's Coming Later?

CO2 Trading Between Canada and the US: Opportunities in the Energy, Manufacturing and Natural Resources Sectors

Catalyzing the Potential of Renewable Energy in the Great Lakes Economy

Clean Energy Opportunities in the Transport and Industrial Sectors

* Water, Security & Environmental Innovation

The Post 9/11 Response to Keeping Water and Waste Facilities Safe

Great Lakes Water Management: Implementing Annex 2001

Cities to Capitals Town Hall: A Face to Face with Legislators in Canada and the US

New Ideas for Financing Environmental Infrastructure in Great Lakes Cities

* Trade & Environment

Innovative Approaches to Keeping Trade Secure from Terrorism

New Cars and New Fuels: Getting them on the Road Faster

Increasing Trans-Boundary Rail Freight: The Environmental Pros and Cons

and much more... 

* Special Sessions

The EXCEL Forum: Meeting the Challenge of Corporate Governance for Sustainability

Toronto Harbour Lands Profile: Governments Working in Partnership on Environmental Clean-up 


See What Companies are Doing in This Dynamic Region to Create Successful Synergies Between Economic Growth and Environmental Improvement.

The EECO 2003 Exposition will showcase progressive corporations and their advances in strategic environmental management, operational innovation and stakeholder communications. The Exposition will feature companies from major industrial and service sectors who will provide information on their track record and continuing investments in:

GHG emissions reduction


Energy conservation

Raw materials substitution

Waste minimization

Toxics elimination

Water and waste management

Air emissions control

Closed loop systems

Environmental management

Reporting and stakeholder consultations

Experience EECO 2003: a forum for leaders from the corporate and governmental communities to dialogue on the critical cross border topics of the day.  

Fast Facts About The Great Lakes Economic Region:

One province and eight states represent:  

12% of the world's GDP       

Over 30% of US exports  

Over 45% of Canadian exports

Over 25% of the cross-border rail and trucking activity for the two nations

Over US $200 billion in trade takes place between the Provinces and States in the Great Lakes Economy.  

Don't miss this unique and powerful event. May 21-23, 2003, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

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Or visit our website,http://www.eeco2003.com

EECO 2003 is produced by the GLOBE Foundation in partnership with the Delphi Group.