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What are our most popular aviation, travel, transportation, tourism and business topics?

Operating two "magazine-style" website, generating 51,583 page views weekly, and 13 million hits annually, requires numerous searches and accurate monitoring. A combination of Yahoo, Google, and Webtrends works wonders in this key area, helping us focus on topics that appeal to most readers and viewers in our target markets. Both sites are user-friendly, easy to navigage and well endowed with over 2,500 pages of news items, photo galleries, stories and profiles on travel, tourism, transportation and economic development. One site focuses on a single continent - Africa. The result? Webtrends shows an unusual length of time, from 10 to 15 minutes, per average visit session. The second key result is that Air Highways and Africa Travel Magazine appear at or near the top on many searches. Figures from Jan. 24, 2004


Top 50 most requested Web Pages on our Air Highways Web Site
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1 http://www.airhighways.com / images/skysk_africa1000 (image)

2 http://www.airhighways.com / park_n_fly.htm 1,202

3 http://www.airhighways.com / airlines.htm ,,,912

4 http://www.airhighways.com / hmy_airways.htm 906

5 http://www.airhighways.com / home.htm 868

6 http://www.airhighways.com / index.htm 800

7 http://www.airhighways.com / a.mapguide.htm 730

8 http://www.airhighways.com / airlines_regional_west.htm 606

9 http://www.airhighways.com / canada.htm 564

10 http://www.airhighways.com / advrails_europe.htm 465

11 http://www.airhighways.com / images/80skysk adventure pic (image)

12 http://www.airhighways.com / airlines_jetsgo.htm 361

13 http://www.airhighways.com / yellowhead.htm 358

14 http://www.airhighways.com / cathay_pacific.htm 353

15 http://www.airhighways.com / advroads.htm 352

16 http://www.airhighways.com / dawsoncrk.htm 342

17 http://www.airhighways.com / usa.htm 331

18 http://www.airhighways.com / canadahotels.htm 327

19 http://www.airhighways.com / images/jasperlodge/ 320

20 http://www.airhighways.com / advrails_4.htm 301

Selections from this point down need to be linked. this will be completed soon.
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21 http://www.airhighways.com / marine_adventures.htm 299

22 http://www.airhighways.com / atoz_directory.htm 294

23 http://www.airhighways.com / hotsprings.htm 287

24 http://www.airhighways.com / aircanada.htm 279

25 http://www.airhighways.com / fort_nelson.htm 261

26 http://www.airhighways.com / venues.htm 261

27 http://www.airhighways.com / toronto.htm 258 0

28 http://www.airhighways.com / rail_amtrak.htm 256

29 http://www.airhighways.com / flight_centres.htm 253

30 http://www.airhighways.com / images/80_trains/ 252

31 http://www.airhighways.com / advrails_intro.htm 247

32 http://www.airhighways.com / footloose.htm 244

33 http://www.airhighways.com / alaska_cruises.htm 228

34 http://www.airhighways.com / adventure.htm 225

35 http://www.airhighways.com / airnews.htm 222

36 http://www.airhighways.com / westjet.htm 220

37 http://www.airhighways.com / adventure_rails.htm 214

38 http://www.airhighways.com / mexico.htm 214

39 http://www.airhighways.com / rivers_of_canada.htm 211

40 http://www.airhighways.com / adventures_expo.htm 205

41 http://www.airhighways.com / virgin_atlantic.htm 204

42 http://www.airhighways.com / advrails_bc.htm 203

43 http://www.airhighways.com / elk_island_national_park.htm 198

44 http://www.airhighways.com / japan_airlines.htm 195

45 http://www.airhighways.com / vanair.htm 195

46 http://www.airhighways.com / fortst_john.htm 193

47 http://www.airhighways.com / rivers_fraser.htm 188

48 http://www.airhighways.com / aba.htm 187

49 http://www.airhighways.com / airlines__canadian_western.htm

50 http://www.airhighways.com / adventures_expo_3.htm 183


Results from our Africa Travel Magazine Web Site at
Last count

1. Africa Travel Fashions: From Africa Travel Magazine
http://www.africa-ata.org/ affas.htm

2. Africa's Great Hotels, Famous Doors of Hospitality
http://www.africa-ata.org/ hotels.htm

3. Interactive Map of Africa: Destinations
http://www.africa-ata.org/ afmap.htm

4 Africa was never more accessible from the USA and Canada
http://www.africa-ata.org/ airways_travel.htm

5. Ethiopia Guide to Travel and Tourism topics
http://www.africa-ata.org/ ethiopia_guide.htm

6. African Fashion Show Photo Gallery
http://www.africa-ata.org/ ata_fashion_show2.htm

7. The Emperor: Johannesburg, South Africa
http://www.africa-ata.org/ emperor.htm

8. How Ethiopian Airlines Win Friends and Influences People
http://www.africa-ata.org/ ethiopian_air.htm

9. Addis Ababa: Africa's Meeting Place Welcomes the World:
http://www.africa-ata.org/ addis_2.htm

10. Textiles from African Continent and offshore islands
http://www.africa-ata.org/ textiles.afr.htm

Selections from this point down need to be linked. this will be completed soon.
However when linking, you may type in the urls below to reach your requested topic.

11. Addis Ababa's Artists reflect the Spirit of Ethiopia
http://www.africa-ata.org/ artphoto.htm

12. Advertising Media Kit for 2002-2005
http://www.africa-ata.org/ mediakit_1.htm

13. Photos of Ethiopia Jubilee Congress and Historic Route Tour
http://www.africa-ata.org/ ethiopia_picture_show1.htm

14. CCA Africa Travel Tourism Gamikng Conference (Atlantic City)
http://www.africa-ata.org/ cca_conference.htm

15. Kilimanjaro International Airport, Tanzania
http://www.africa-ata.org/ emerfund.htm

16. Gabon: Africa Travel Association Magazine
http://www.africa-ata.org/ gabon.htm

17: Shopping for Crafts and Textiles at Africa's Markets
http://www.africa-ata.org/ shopping.htm

18. Ethiopia Album: Souvenir Photograhs and Portraits
http://www.africa-ata.org/ album_2.htm

19. Guinea: Host of Africa Travel Association's 27th International Congress
http://www.africa-ata.org/ guinea.htm

20. Hilton Addis Ababa In the Heart of a Great City

21. Adventure on Africa's Great Rivers: Africa Travel Magazine
http://www.africa-ata.org/ rivers.htm

22. Haile Selassie's Palace Reflects Addis Ababa's Royal Legacy:
http://www.africa-ata.org/ addis.htm

23. ata_fashion_show3
http://www.africa-ata.org/ ata_fashion_show3.htm

24. Ethiopia's Holy Route: Bahir Dar, Lake Tana and Blue Nile Falls
http://www.africa-ata.org/ ethiopia_bahirdar.htm

25. Travel Fashion Parade in Arusha, Tanzania
http://www.africa-ata.org/ fashion_tanzania.htm

26. South African Airways Background and News Items
http://www.africa-ata.org/ saa.htm

27. Kenya Tourism Stages North American Tour:
http://www.africa-ata.org/ kenya.htm

28. ata_fashion_show5
http://www.africa-ata.org/ ata_fashion_show5.htm

29. Ethiopia's Holy Route, In the Queen of Sheba's Footsteps:
whttp://ww.africa-ata.org/ holyroute_3.htm

30. A to Z Directory: Africa Travel Association and Magazine Archives
http://www.africa-ata.org/ atoz_directory.htm

Other popular pages

Cape Town and Area: Hotels and Resorts in South Africa

http://www.africa-ata.org/ sa_hotels.htm

Morocco- site of ATA 6h Ecotourism and Cultural Symposium

http://www.africa-ata.org/ morocco.htm

African Embassies and Tourism Offices in North America:

http://www.africa-ata.org/ african_tourism.htm

Ethiopian Airlines: Flying the Air Highways to Africa and Beyond
http://www.africa-ata.org/ ethiopianair_map.htm

Photos of ATA Congress, Conakry, Guinea and Country Tour

http://www.africa-ata.org/ guinea_picture_show6.htm

ata_fashion _show4
http://www.africa-ata.org/ ata_fashion__show4.htm

African Fashion Trends: Africa Travel Magazine Feature

http://www.africa-ata.org/ fashion_trends.htm

African Calendar of Festivals and Events: Africa Travel Magazine

http://www.africa-ata.org/ ata_events.htm

Namibia's Kalahari Desert Bushmen: Africa Travel Association

http://www.africa-ata.org/ namibia.htm


http://www.africa-ata.org/ ata_fashion_show1.htm

Hotels: Guinea, West Africa -Host of the Africa Travel Association's 27th Intern

http://www.africa-ata.org/ guinea2.htm

Photo Highlights: ATA 4th EcoTourism Symposium, Abuja, Nigeria,

http://www.africa-ata.org/ nigeria_ecophotos1.htm

Journey to the Roof of Africa on Ethiopia's Holy Route

http://www.africa-ata.org/ ethiopiajourney_2.htm