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What is a Certified Travel Counselor
(CTC) and a Certified Travel Associate (CTA)?

Why should I use one?

On average, "certified" travel professionals are:

* More committed to servicing their customers

* More experienced

* More knowledgeable

* More serious about travel

The Institute of Certified Travel Agents (ICTA) offers a two-level certification program for travel agents. ICTA's first level of professional certification is designed for those at an early stage in their careers. Focusing on the core knowledge and practical skills required for success, the CTA designation represents 40% of the study required to earn the industry pinnacle, the prestigious Certified Travel Counselor (CTC) designation.

The CTC program exists for those who seek elevated accomplishment in the travel industry. After completing the CTA program, and acquiring a minimum of five years of industry experience, many professionals will choose to continue the certification process by earning the CTC designation.

Both designations represent a rigorous program of professional study and testing. In addition, CTCs and CTAs are required to continue their education in order to retain their certification.

At the present time, only a few states require that travel agents obtain a license in order to practice their trade. So whom should you trust to provide you with the right information, get you the best value, understand all of your travel needs, plan your itinerary, and book your trip? Of the more than 250,000 travel agents out there, which one will best serve you? Look to a certified travel professional who takes her/his career seriously, who values education and aspires to be the best she/he can be.

To locate a CTC or CTA in your area, click here e-mail...subscribex