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Our CAREERS SECTION welcomes items from North America and beyond. Please send your listings of employment opportunities, partnerships, exchanges, apprenticeships and training services by E- MAIL.

Aviation Industry Careers

Aviation & Electronic Schools of America earns National accreditation
Colfax, Calif: Aviation & Electronic Schools of America announced today that they have been accepted by the Council on Occupational Education as a nationally accredited educational program. As a result, all of AESA programs are now accredited and most can be used to earn college credit. AESA's accredited courses include FAA Airframe & Powerplant, FAA Inspection Authorization, FAA Inspection Authorization Renewal, FCC General Radiotelephone Operator's License, FCC Radar Endorsement, FCC GNDSS Radio Maintainer's and Operator's Licenses, Fiber Optics (Basic or Advanced), Computer Building and Configuring, Computer Service Technician, and Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer courses. AESA is the first educational institute in the world to be certified for all of the above courses.
AESA has been working diligently to gain various approvals and accreditations that would serve the requirements of their student body. Recently they have been granted California State Approval (in addition to their registered status), and are now a Microsoft Certified Technical Education Center (CTEC). The newly granted COE accreditation is complimentary to AESA's standing.
PO BOX 1810 * 210 s. Railroad Street * Colfax, Ca 95713
530 - 346-6792* Fax (530) 346-8466
E-mail - Internet

Opportunities for the older persons
in British Columbia's Lower Mainland / Greater Vancouver area. Employment Net 515.8221

Canadian Council for Human Resources
in the Environment

CCHREI was established in 1993 as a non-profit organization to assist the environment industry in developing and implementing a national human resource strategy. We understand that the environment industry faces particular challenges in the human resources field. Created to assist with those challenges, we at CCHREI believe that our programs would interest your readers/members. CCHREI is continuously developing new programs (a brief description of each program is included below) to provide the environment industry with effective HR solutions. CCHREI is currently concentrating on the recruitment and retention issues facing environment sectors, the certification of environmental practitioners, and helping young Canadians enter the environmental labour market.

Environmental Recruitment Retention Learning Project (ERRL) CCHREI's latest venture concentrates on resolving the recruitment and retention issues that confront the environment industry. ERRL offers companies the opportunity to increase their current employees' productivity by identifying and closing their potential skill gaps. Using CCHREI's national occupational standards as a foundation, ERRL creates skill profiles to determine specific areas where environmental practitioners would benefit from professional development and training opportunities. The program emphasizes the mutually beneficial practice of employers and employees working together to focus on life long learning and skills development.

Canadian Environmental Certification Approvals Board (CECAB)
Established by CCHREI, CECAB offers a national, voluntary certification program for environmental practitioners. CECAB certification provides formal recognition of an environmental practitioner's skills, knowledge and experience. In operation since August 2000, over 110 applicants are in the process of completing their on-line certification process. Certification is based on a practitioner's ability to do certain environmental work activities, demonstrate experience, and have their level of competence validated by peers. To further accommodate its members, CECAB is also adding a list of conferences to its web site. If you are aware of any upcoming conferences that would be useful to members please inform us. In implementing this program, CECAB is providing an essential tool to develop the highly skilled workforce Canada needs to compete in the global market. For more information please consult CECAB's website at or contact Patricia Miller at

With the development of a new line of career information products, CCHREI has turned its attention to educating young Canadians about environmental career opportunities. EnviroCareers is an interactive resource package designed as a tool for youth interested in environmental employment and will

be distributed to secondary schools, libraries, and career centers nationwide later this spring. With the creation of the EnviroCareers package, where personality traits, interests and skills, and education are all taken into account, users are given a realistic and comprehensive overview of their career options. Consisting of a CD-ROM, video, guidebooks for facilitators and youth, and tabloid, the package is intended to be interactive, interesting and, ultimately, informative for young people assessing their career options.

EnviroJob Board
With almost 1 million hits a month, CCHREI's EnviroJob Board has become the ideal recruiting tool for environmental employers. The EnviroJob Board allows employers to post their organization's job opportunities free of charge and utilize CCHREI's employment resources at the HR Centre. They will soon be able to review over 5000 candidates in our Resume Bank with a unique job-matching tool. Job seekers also benefit from the EnviroJob Board, by simply filling out a one-page form they can submit their resumes online, review company profiles, and have the latest career information at their disposal in the Career Centre. The EnviroJob Board is continuously improving to meet the growing needs of employers and job seekers alike

Environmental Youth Corp. (EYC)
The EYC is designed for assist recent post secondary graduates with the difficult school to work transition. The program consists of a wage subsidy incentive (ranging from $8,000 to $12,000) given to Canadian environmental employers for hiring young professionals. Organizations that participate in the project benefit from having hundreds of pre-screened, work ready, promising young professionals. In operation since 1997, over 1,100 individuals have taken advantage of the Environmental Youth Corp. and are helping to substantially raise capacity in Canada's environmental sector.

In the coming months, I will be providing you with articles and information updating you on the progress of our programs. If you would prefer not to receive information please let me know and I will remove your name from our mailing list. As I am also in the process of updating our publication database, it would be greatly appreciated if you could send me your publication's name, type of publication (journal, newsletter, e-zine), how it is distributed (i.e. mail, email), how often it is distributed (annually, quarterly), and an alternate contact name and email.

Allison Cook
Communications and Marketing
The Canadian Council for Human Resources
in the Environment Industry
Suite 1450, 700 - 4th Avenue SW
Calgary, Alberta T2P 3J4
Ph. (403) 233-0748 ext. 247 /

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