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The International Council of Tourism Partners


ATTAC announces new round of meetings

In their efforts to to continue their fight against the airline industry's ill-treatment of no longer paying commissions to travel-agents , AntiTrust Travel Agency Compensation would like to announce the new round of meetings. Aimed at discussing the legal options available to them, ATTAC organizers have scheduled to meet with travel agents in New Orleans, Atlanta, Chicago and Washington, D.C.

ICTP members visit Egypt

The International Council of Tourism Partners announced their participation in the upcoming Outside Sales Support Network (OSSN) international conference "Land of the Pharaohs" to be held in Cairo, Egypt from September 18 to 29.

"In ICTP's effort to maximize the opportunity presented by OSSN's membership with ICTP, we are pleased to be working with them on this project because it allows our members the opportunity to learn about Egypt from a completely different perspective," said ICTP Chairman Thomas Steinmetz.


The International Council of Tourism Partners has added yet another member organization to their stable. The ICTP would like to announce that the Outside Sales Support Network (OSSN) has joined their organization. Since the launching of ICTP in late May, this membership organization has consistently acquired new members from different parts of the world. From small countries such as

Nauru to reputable worldwide organizations such as the World Tourism Organization (WTO), ICTP is quickly making a tremendous impact not only in the travel trade but to the whole world in general.

"One of our objectives is to establish strategic alliances with other organizations in order to provide a wide-ranging array of resources for our members," said ICTP's Vice-Chairman Nelson Alcantara, when asked why it was important to have OSSN as a member.