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Explore the Charm of Old Mexico and Copper Canyon on the Sierra Madre Train
Sierra Madre Express of Tucson

Siera MadreSince 1989, when we initiated the series, Railways of the World, one of the railway tours that has invited the most response from readers near and far, is the Sierra Madre Express of Tucson, which winds its way into Mexico's spectacular Copper Canyon. While I haven't measured either of them, geographers claim that the Copper Canyon is four times larger than America's Grand Canyon and is even deeper. What makes this amazing locale even more spectacular, is the fact that the train passes through a total of 87 tunnels and across 39 bridges in a six hour period. You can imagine what a massive construction project it was in the early days. Many of our readers will remember classic Bogart film, "Treasure of the Sierra Madre," which may help you set the scene, and will give you an idea of the landscape in this rugged part of Mexico. As for the railway equipment, the Sierra Madre Express is a private restored train of 1940s vintage. It carries a maximum of 40 passengers, which means that you will receive an extra measure of pampering. Continued

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malaysia adventures with natureOur last major Asia Pacific effort was at Apec '97 when we published a special edition of Air Highways for distribution to many of the 10,000 guests for that great event in which Malaysia was well represented. Now we're presenting an encore, only this time Malaysia will be the major focus of our edition. Watch for it plus a profile of Malaysian Railway in our Adventure Rails Edition. The above booklet by Tourism Malaysia contains Map of Malaysia, Introduction, Mountain Climbing, Jungle Trekking, Bird Watching, Cave Exploring, White Water Rafting, Off-road Driving, Angling and Scuba Diving. This brochure published by Tourism Malaysia.

More details about Malaysia as a trade and tourism destination will be featured on this page along with current flight information, tour options and links to hotels and services. the feature will include several important excerpts from the Malaysian Tourism Minister's very enlightening message to the travel industry and media. His talk focused on Malysia's record as a stable democracy and how racial harmony has made it a great location for tourism and a shopping Mecca. continued


Seamless Air Rail Connections
by Jerry W. Bird

Jerry W. BirdOh, how I wish we had this type of seamless air rail connection in Canada!. Last spring's rail trip to Paris began shortly after we landed at London's Heathrow Airport. One of the conveniences of traveling in Europe is how major airports like Heathrow are so well integrated with rail transportation in one "seamless, " user friendly operation. Next time I go there by train, however, I vow to take a lot less luggage (we had seven pieces left over from our Africa trip) which made it a struggle whenever we changed from one method of conveyance to another. It was like being back in the CNR freight sheds in Edmonton lugging heavy cargo, but at that time I was getting paid for the job. Nevertheless the staff in each case was helpful in helping us locate carts and dollies.

Inset rail map- France and EnglandConnections were a snap! In what seemed like no time at all, after rumbling through London's suburbs and the lush, green English countryside, we were staring at the famous White Cliffs of Dover. Here at the clean, bright and spacious train station cafeteria I enjoyed perhaps the best fish and chips in my entire life. Fortunately it was an half hour before we began our "rock and roll" sea voyage, sitting shoulder to shoulder in the cramped, overcrowded quarters of a Channel Hovercraft. (Click for large map)  Continued


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