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Thanks to the funds made available to it, Congo Airways SA was able to acquire two new Boeing 737-800 type aircraft and resumed operations on November 21, 2023, with six major stopovers out of the 15 normally served. For other stopovers, the company plans to lease three 90-seat Embraer 190 aircraft, with flights scheduled from February. Furthermore, negotiations are underway for the acquisition of a Boeing 777-200 ER.
This relaunch of Congo Airways SA is the result of a reorganization of its operating tools, in particular the maintenance of its aircraft fleet. The company had temporarily suspended its flights in mid-September 2023, in order to guarantee the safety of its passengers and to comply with IATA standards of which it is a member.
The resumption of activities of Congo Airways SA is excellent news for air transport in the Democratic Republic of Congo. In addition to ensuring the movement of the population across the country, the company’s mission is to develop short-term prospects at the national, regional and continental level.
This successful relaunch of Congo Airways SA is a testimony to the dynamism and potential of Congolese air transport. It will help strengthen economic and tourism ties both within the country and abroad. Passengers will now be able to benefit from better air connectivity, thus promoting economic development and the growth of tourism in the Democratic Republic of Congo.
The Congolese government expresses its confidence in the sustainability of the revival of Congo Airways SA and affirms its support for the national airline. The latter is ready to meet the challenges of the aviation sector and offer quality service, guaranteeing passenger safety and satisfaction.
In conclusion, the resumption of activities of Congo Airways SA is good news for Congolese air transport. The company is now well equipped to operate national and international flights, thus providing better connectivity and contributing to the economic and tourism development of the country. The Congolese government remains committed to the sustainability of this revival, thus demonstrating its desire to make Congo Airways SA a national airline of reference

Congo Airways Reportedly Looking To Ditch The Embraer E2 For The Airbus A220

"These new jets will allow us to extend our passenger and cargo operations regionally to high demand destinations such as Cape Town, Johannesburg, and Abidjan. As we prepare for future success, we will have the flexibility, and the right-sized, most efficient aircraft, to serve our customers as the market returns."