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Craving an adventure? Red Dragon China Culinary Delights Tour is the answer.

Satisfy your hunger with an "Experience of a Lifetime" on our 16-day Culinary Delights of China tour.  Not only can you fill your sights with the many historical and cultural attractions, but you can also savour the gastronomical feasts that are available throughout the country. 

The itinerary is based on the video "Culinary Kingdom &endash; China". This 16-day tour won't cover all the destinations shown on the video, but we have arranged for tour members to taste the cuisine from many of the different regions presented which are available in the cities we will be visiting.

If you enjoy adventurous dining and travel, then this is the tour for you. 

Interested in doing a group presentation? We can provide the "Culinary Kingdom" video to show to your clients and to offer a sampling of Chinese food to tempt their palates. We would also be happy to come into your office to give you an informational session on China.

Red Dragon Tours provides the highest quality tours at the best possible prices, without compromising on value or taste.

Information about this and other tour offerings can be found on our website

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us either by email or phone.

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