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Victoria Inner harbourVictoria's Inner Harbour, with offers a quick, convenient way for business commuters and conventioneers from Seattle and BC Lower Mainland to connect with Victoria and the Islands. It is one of Canada's top five busiest harbours with 35,000 takeoffs and landings in 1998. Five major air service providers: Kenmore, Harbour Air, Cooper Helijet and WestCoast Air. Ultimate authority for the harbour is Transport Canada. Scroll or click here for details on the Victoria International Airport. Helijet Airways' Super City Triangle includes Victoria to Seattle, Vancouver and most recently BC's Fraser Valley via Langley and Abbotsford. Regular float plane and helicopter Victoria. Haida totem poleservice to downtown Victoria is available from Vancouver and Seattle. Charter flights for sightseeing, wildlife viewing, hiking and fishing excursions, and to more remote Vancouver Island locations, are also available.

Victoria International Airport

Victoria's International Airport is a 30-minute drive from downtown Victoria and five minutes from Sidney, on the Saanich Peninsula. More than 50 flights a day connect Victoria from Vancouver International Airport, Seattle-Tacoma Airport and several other major cities throughout Canada and the U.S.

The 10 year plan includes an enhanced and expanded Air Terminal. Campbell-Moore, the airport's architects designs for the public areas reflect the desire to create a lighter, more airy effect; high ceilings, large areas of glass with abundant greenery to create an atrium effect, bringing the outside in. This $20,000,000 project will also expand waiting areas, shelter passengers being loaded on planes, add washrooms and replace plastic plants with the real McCoy. Victoria's airport of the future will be increasingly a gateway to one of the most desirable places in the world, and the city will prosper by giving the world easier access to it.

Thanks to the US/Canada Open Skies agreement, local ownership of the airport, and the area's magnetic attraction as a Tourist Mecca,the Airport Authority envisions more direct flights to North American cities. Direct air service to Portland, Oregon, and other U.S. gateways would boost Vancouver Island Tourism immensely.

The tourism of the future demands a wider geographical reach than is offered by the current direct service to Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Seattle and Toronto. Management is exploring air service developments to latent markets in California and Texas. Current air carriers include: AirBC, Canadian Airlines International, Canadian Regional Airlines, Airspeed Aviation , Horizon Air And Westjet. Over 56 flights daily, connect the Capital Regional District with world markets.

Acres of Opportunity: The Airport Authority also looks forward to the development of "clean" progressive industry on airport land. As a center for growth enterprises, Victoria Airport offers the Capital Region's last remaining supply of light-industrial lots larger than an acre and a half; an essential item for the high-tech, aviation-oriented, research and manufacturing firms that create high-quality jobs and compete in global markets. While Victoria Airport's priority is industry that supports aviation, they will also seek airport compatible, non-aviation proposals in consultation with Sidney and North Saanich. Such high-yield opportunities will diversify the Airport's revenue base, create employment and add to the municipal tax base. Commercial and industrial development should not be allowed to spoil the airport's scenic charm. "We have one of the most esthetically pleasing airports to fly into ... and want to preserve that special appeal," one spokesman said.

Victoria International Airport Authority's members represent the Federal Gov't, City of Victoria, Victoria Chamber of Commerce, 3 Saanich communities, Sidney, and the Capital Regional District. For information on Victoria International Airport, phone 250-953 7500, fax 250-953-7509.

For more information on touring in and around Victoria and the Islands, visit Tourism Victoria's Visitor Info Centre (open seven days a week): 812 Wharf Street, Victoria, B.C. V8W 1T3 (located at the Inner Harbour)

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