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Reno Air Races
Photos by Ed Anderson
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Top row- (1) AR-6 Texans rounding the pylon. (2) Valhalla lifting off. P-5ID with General William Anders as pilot.
Second row- (1) Dueling Hawker Sea Furies rounding pylon. (2) Voodoo highly modified
P-51D Mustang WWII Fighter (3) Formula One Racer
Third row- (1) F2G-ID "Super Corsair" 1999 winner of the Rolls-Royce Aviation Trophy at Reno. Bob Degaard, Kindred, North Dakota (2) Super Class 1999 "Berkut" (3) Sport Class Lancair IV-P Bottom row- (1) Sport Biplane Racer

38th National Championship Air Races and Air Show
September 13-16, 2001, Stead Field, Reno, Nevada, USA
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