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Kilby Historic
General Store


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Kilby Historic General Store
at Harrison Mills

Each time we visit the Kilby Historic General Store and the adjacent 5-acre farm, we gain a fresh perspective of life as it was in Mighty Fraser Country from 1907 through to the late 40s. A short drive from Aggasiz and Harrison Hot Springs, this popular attraction is a browser's delight with a tempting array of brand name and home made products, gifts, artifacts and curios. Can you just imagine the store in its hey day with raised boardwalks and the old style gravity-fed gas pumps of the 20s and 30s? You can almost hear one of Wilf Carter's Bluebird records spinning on the Victrola. Located by the Harrison River, near its junction with the Fraser, Kilby Historic General Store is just off Highway 7. The signs will direct you easily.
Ph. (604) 796-9576, Fax (604) 796-9592 , E-mail: info@kilby.bc.ca