Yukon Quest, One of the World's Most Challenging Dog Sled Races

WHITE HORSE, Yukon: Every February for the past 22 years, the Great White North has hosted avid dog mushers and sled dog teams who flock to the area for the world's toughest sled dog race ...the Yukon Quest.

The Yukon Quest challenges mushers and dogs with 1,000 miles of trail through some of the most spectacular wilderness on the North American continent during the depths of the Arctic winter. Following traditional mail routes, Gold Rush trails, and other Klondike-era transportation corridors, the Yukon Quest Trail demands phenomenal endurance on the part of both the canine athletes and their mushers.

Teams must tackle the fearsome Eagle Summit, a 3,650-foot pass with a steep, treacherous final ascent; icy slopes of glaciated streams along the Chena River; sheer, glare ice of the wind-swept Yukon River near Circle City; unpredictable and problematic overflow on Birch Creek; steep, windy sidehills of American Summit; relentless switch-backs through the Black Hills; natural moguls at McCabe Creek; and a thousand more obstacles along the trail.

And that doesn't even include the weather! White-out conditions in the mountains; temperatures dipping to below 50 degrees (Celsius) along the Forty Mile River; and fierce winds along the Yukon River and on the summits. With these conditions, it's no wonder that mushers often arrive at checkpoints covered in fresh snow, beards and hair iced, with shoulders hunched. And when they travel through overflow, they arrive encased in thin shells of ice that crackle and shatter with every step.

The race route runs on frozen rivers, climbs four mountain ranges, and passes through isolated, northern villages. With freezing temperatures, 100-mile-an-hour winds, open water and bad ice all working against the teams, the Yukon Quest is a modern-day test of the abilities of humans and canines, and a lasting tribute to the strength of the timeless bond that unites them.

The Yukon Quest begins in Whitehorse on February 13; the winner will most likely cross the finish line some two weeks later. The Yukon Quest is a proud member of YukonWILD, a consortium of 26 independent companies offering premier wilderness trips in the Yukon and surrounding areas. The consortium's goal is to provide adventurous travelers with a central source of information about the range of activities that are possible in the North, one of the world's last true wilderness destinations.


For more information about the Yukon Quest or any of YukonWILD's other outstanding offerings, call 867-668-3369 or visit www.yukonwild.com.


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