Reno Air Races 2004:
Photos by Ed Anderson. Story on next page

1.-F-15 Eagle on rollout.
2.- P-51D "Voodoo" on the race course.

3.- German Air force Tornado on static display.
4.- Race Ramp Stead Field.

5.- FB.11 "September Fury" on runup.

6.- # 77 "Rare Bear" Unlimited Gold Champion for 2004.

7.- P-51D Mustang "Sparky".

8.- # 33 Lancair Legacy, Sport Class Gold Champion.

Mustangs getting ready to race.
Lone Star Sea Fury # 105

# 7

"Warlock" (Al Goss) T-6 Gold Race Champion

F7F Tigercat turning pylon 8.