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Building the Future : A model for Africa? A solution for homelessness?

First Property Abroad :
Buy, Sell or Rent your dream property abroad with us. With thousands of properties to choose from you are sure to find the perfect one for you.

Destination Dubai
Dubai Luxury Apartments by Movenpick
Egypt Apartments / Affordable Housing

International Real Estate is set to be the biggest and best investment market of the next several years. Tomorrow, it will make a great deal of difference where we live. But certainly not in the same sense as we now perceive it. Tomorrow we will live where the best real estate exists, where the least crime and repression exists, where population pressures have not decimated the environment and where business is encouraged and not hindered by legislation. We will live there regardless of that place's global location or it's former political posture. If we can now buy a ranch in Argentina (or Uruguay, or New Zealand, or name your spot,)  for ten cents on the dollar of what a similar property inside the United States would cost us, and if we can carry on commerce from anywhere we are, how long do you imagine it's going to take your neighbor to realize the very same thing? As one writer put it, "...those folks who buy that ranch in Argentina today are going to have grandchildren who will think they were a genius." Featuring International Real Estate Including Retirement Havens ~ Island Properties ~ Villas ~ Artist Havens ~ Enclaves ~ Resort Properties ~ Hideouts ~ Bargains ~ Offshore Investments ~ Offshore eCommerce ~ Unique Investments ~ Now a monthly magazine as popular as our original Escape From America Magazine -  Susan Beverly - Editor website

South African Farms and Residential Real Estate Online
According to this comprehensive web site, any foreigner can buy real estate in South Africa, and at today's favourable exchange rate. One example they give is a home in one of Cape Town's good areas, with a large garden and swimming pool for hardly more than $US 100,000. In other parts of the country it's even cheaper. Info on buying farms and ranches, financing of property, etc. Check it out on:

African Real Estate Projects, and Vacation Properties for Sale Time Share or Lease: Send us information and news releases on this key topic. For your information, here is a comprehensive Real Estate site in South Africa:

Fortune Avenue, UAE

Portugal Property Sales
Whether you are considering a holiday apartment, townhouse, small villa or luxury villa in the Praia D'El Rey golf and beach resort, we have the property you are looking for - fully licensed Portuguese real estate agency that specializes in second hand properties within the Praia D'El Rey golf and beach resort on the western coast of Portugal.

Africa Skies Conference opens new markets
and routes to Africa from North America via the Caribbean and Asia Pacific, with exotic stops en route. Vancouver, Canada

Much more to come on this and related pages

Real Estate Blog and Comments by Charles Parrish

How is the real estate market?

How is the real estate market? Is it hot, cold, dead or getting worst?  Ask some agents and they will tell you it is slow, too much inventory and not enough qualified buyers.

The "Market" they are referring to is the conventional home market.  That segment of the market is slow for agents and sellers, but not for buyers or investors.

The general public is conditioned to think that there is only one market.  Savvy buyers and investors understand that there are many markets where profitable transactions can be found.

To mention a few; foreclosures, tax sales, short sales, vacant properties, commercial, apartments, hybrids, non-conforming and real estate auctions.

The "Auction Method" of marketing and buying real estate is a great profit center.  Recently Steve Payne was paid $153,000 by controlling a commercial property and assigning his contract within 3 weeks using the auction method of marketing.

Lorraine found and purchased a pending tax sale foreclosure house in Butchers Hill for under $1,000 and sold it for $50,000.  The tax sale method of finding transactions is a great market with very little competition.

Mark W. who is an attorney representing banks is at the court house steps selling foreclosed properties at a forced auction sale almost daily. He has seen offers for properties being accepted by banks at deep discounts.  He commented to me last week that there was only one qualified bidder at the auction, and that the property was sold for a $75,000 profit.

While many lament the bad market, others are making thousands of dollars. Last year, my company Auction Brokers had 644 transactions.  While the conventional methods of selling have slowed, the auction method of marketing and profiting at auctions has accelerated.

For a free report on the many real estate markets and how to profit, send me a request at State "FREE REPORT" in subject line.

Conference Call

Callin every Monday to listen and participate in a free Conference Call.  I will be taking about 72 real estate negotiating techniques for investors and agents; Card #37, Keep your power posture!  Card #62, Using Hot Buttons to Close. Card #64, Second Stage Negotiations.

Call Monday at 7:00 pm, 1-218-486-1400 Participant Pass code 34061#

Charles Parrish