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Kenya Safari Camp named for Elsa the Lioness from 'Born Free'


Mer National Park, Kenya, Africa: Chili and Peacock opened their new permanent camp, Elsa's Chop in June of 1999. The camp is situated in Kenya's Mer National Park, and has been named after Elsa, the orphaned lioness reared and released back into Mer National Park by George and Joy Adams. The camp is perched on top of Mugwongo Hill, a rocky outcropping (chop) that affords beautiful views of the stunning landscape of Kenya.

This is the fourth camp in operation by Stefan Chili and Liz Peacock. As a natural extension of their mutual love of the African wilderness, they started operating safaris in 1985.

For the past twelve years they have consistently set standards in the industry, not only for quality of service provided, but also for their commitment to wildlife, conservation and environmentally friendly tourism. Chili and Peacock's first permanent luxury tented camp, Tortillas Camp in Kenya's Ambles National Park, won British Airways Southern Region Tourism for Tomorrow award for excellence in eco-tourism. Elsa's Chop, built with the same care and dedication to conservation, is destined to once again illustrate the high standards of the Chili and Peacock properties.

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Mer National Park, the home of Elsa's Chop, is an arid park dotted with gigantic baobab trees and crystal clear palm fringed springs and streams. The springs are fed by water from volcanic Mt. Kenya and Nyambeni Mountains. Herds of eland, Bees onyx, gerens, elephant, Gravy zebra, reticulated giraffe, Grants gazelle and the elusive Lesser Kudzu roam the park and of course the predators, lion, leopard, cheetah and hyena are never far behind.

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