World Wildlife Fund travels to Canada's maritime provinces with Adventure Canada

World Wildlife Fund Canada, the global conservation organization, has partnered with Adventure Canada to offer an educational expedition to Canada's east coast this September.

Marine ecologist and World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Marine Program Director, Dr. Robert Rangeley, will be accompanying the group as a resource staff member. Joining him onboard the 104-passenger expeditionary vessel will be nine other Canadians including bestselling author, Bernice Morgan, and renowned animal behaviourist, Dr. William Montevecchi.

Dr. Rangeley represents WWF's Atlantic Region in Halifax, Nova Scotia. A former research biologist with the Department of Fisheries and Oceans, Rangeley's career has also included teaching positions at universities in Canada. As special guest on the expedition, Dr. Rangeley will discuss the importance of protecting Canada's marine coastlines.

Dr. Montevecchi is a Research Scientist at Memorial University in Newfoundland, and also an advisor to WWF Canada. Acting as the resident ornithologist onboard the M/S Explorer, Dr. Montevecchi will point out seabird species to passengers and lead discussions on conservation of our marine wildlife. The voyage will explore some of the more remote areas of Labrador, Newfoundland and the Islands of the Gulf of St.

Lawrence. The combined expertise and knowledge of these two WWF representatives are sure to provide an enlightening conservation focus to Adventure Canada's programming.

For more information, please contact 1-800-363-7566 or info@adventurecanada.com. A limited number of press spaces are available to qualified publications. Comtact Adventure Canada for details.


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The Coastal Forest Programme area (run by WWF CARPO) is located in the southwest coast of Cameroon. It covers 4,481,070 hectares of forest, spreading over two provinces, the Southwest and Littoral.

Most of this is made up of equatorial dense rainforests harbouring a rich diversity of plants and animals, including rare and highly endemic species.

Through its dedicated staff and volunteers on the ground, WWF is running around the length and breath of the programme area seeking to achieve its goals.\

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