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Culinary Tourism

Experiencing a destination’s food is elementary to understanding its social structure and surroundings.
A new niche — Culinary Tourism — means traveling to experience a destination through a variety of gastronomic activities. A destination’s culinary style reveals its history, culture and influences.

Importance and Value

  • Capturing a fast-growing segment of the world’s travel industry
  • Economic vehicle to drive trade, create sustainable development, add social and cultural value to community
  • Innovative approach to position your products and services,and establish a competitive edge
  • Revenue Generator for your Company and Country
  • Culinary tourism today is where eco-tourism was 20 years ago; people are starting to take an interest.
  • Showed that 27 million travelers, or 17% of American leisure travelers, involved in culinary or wine-related activities while travelling within the past three years.
  • Bright future for the culinary traveler market, as the share of U.S. leisure travelers interested in culinary travel in the near future (60%) is significantly larger than those currently engaged.

Even though, the surveys were done in Canada, UK and US, the results represent a new and developing trend within the international travel industry.

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