flies businesses into UK markets


Arctic National Parks for Canada: Interested in organizing Millennium Adventure Tours to these remote areas?

Inflight E-mail
Our editors have enjoyed flying via Cathay Pacific on our trips overseas via New York and have always raved about their quality of service

Capital City Air:
A new airline in Edmonton is promising to start servin
g Prince George - then expand southward to operate routes out of Abbotsford or Vancouver

Super Jumbo
in the works at Boeing. Development of a larger 747 jumbo jet in the next few years according to Phil Condit.

Kiss bow or Shake Hands? Some general guidelines on greeting and terms of address. An excerpt from Swissair Gazette.

Water works! We read in the local media that Chilliwack's drinking water was found to be the best in BC.

St. Roch II Voyage: RCMP patrol vessel Nadon and her support ship Simon Fraser are waiting for the pack ice at Point Barrow to break and move off-shore so that they can pass along Alaska's North Slope into Canadian waters..

North Vancouver Waterfront home for Canadian Navy Warship? There are plans for the a museum.


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PATA, ATA Sign Statement of Intent
Historic signing an important move that affects our publications group.

AIRPLANE FUELING METER" Invented To Help Grounds Crew Refuel Airplanes Safely

PITTSBURGH...Invention Submission Corporation announces that one of its clients, an inventor from Little Ferry, N.J., has designed a fuel meter that would be easier for grounds crew personnel to read as they refuel aircraft.

The AIRPLANE FUELING METER would improve safety by helping to ensure that both tanks contain equal amounts of fuel. This invention would eliminate the difficulty of trying to read existing meters on fuel trucks, which must be parked at least fifteen feet from the aircraft during refueling. The AIRPLANE FUELING METER could be ideal for use in poor-visibility conditions that make conventional meters harder to read.

The inventor's experience as an airplane refueling technician made him aware of the need for an easier-to-read meter. He said, "With the meter being so far away from the aircraft, it can be easy to fill the tanks improperly, which can cause the plane to become unbalanced. So I devised a meter that fueling personnel could read without difficulty."

The original design was submitted to the Newark office of INVENTION SUBMISSION CORPORATION. It is currently available for licensing or sale to manufacturers or marketers. For more information, write Dept. 02-NWK-1779, ISC, 217 Ninth Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15222, or call (412) 288-1300 ext. 1368. Visit our Web site at

Opening skies to more Air Canada competitors

A long-awaited independent study on Canada's airline industry released yesterday says more foreign ownership should be allowed to increase consumer choice and to give Montreal-based Air Canada more competition. The study, written by travel and tourism consultant Debra Ward, recommends increasing foreign ownership of Canadian airlines from its current 25 per cent to 49 per cent. "Foreign ownership is not a new idea, but it's the best one I can come up with because we're just not growing enough competition in Canada," she said. "Air Canada is still flying three out of every four kilometres here." (source)


Arlington, VA &endash; Forty years ago, astronauts John Glenn, Scott Carpenter, Walter Schirra and Gordon Cooper launched the United States into a new era of human adventure &endash; orbital space flight. Their bravery lead to Americans walking on the Moon and the construction of two space stations, including the International Space Station (ISS) in orbit today.

Space Adventures, Ltd., the only company to have taken private individuals to the ISS, will pay tribute to the four Mercury astronauts as a sponsor of the anniversary celebration at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor's Complex this Sunday. Special events will take place throughout the day and evening of February 24, 2002, including the dedication of the newly reopened Rocket Garden with Glenn, Carpenter, Schirra, and Cooper in attendance. Beginning at 5:30 p.m., the Visitor Complex will host "An Evening with the Mercury Astronauts" at the Apollo/Saturn V Center, featuring a sit-down buffet dinner, special video presentation and remarks by the astronauts.

To mark this historic milestone, Space Adventures, Ltd. has funded the creation of commemorative medallions, minted in part from metal taken from Cape Canaveral Air Station Pad 14 (the launch site of the Mercury-Atlas orbital flights) to be distributed to attendees of the evening gala.

About Space Adventures
Space Adventures, the world's leading space tourism company, offers a wide range of space experiences, from zero- gravity and high-altitude supersonic flights, cosmonaut training and space flight qualification programs on Earth, to actual flights into space. Space Adventures has provided clients like Dennis Tito and Mark Shuttleworth with the once- in-a-lifetime opportunity to fly to the International Space Station.

A recent travel poll at, a website which encourages the public to contribute opinions on over 200 topical subjects, has revealed somestrong opinions on air travel. A series of questions targeting airline issues in the poll highlighted several areas which airlines should take note. Interestingly, even though 68% of voters want security and medical staff on board flights, 55% responded that an aircraft's safety record does not influence their choice of airline when purchasing a flight.

Another question, "Is British Airways right to bow to political pressure and abandon its "ethnic art" tail fins in favour of a Union Jack design," reveals interesting results for British Airways executives - one in two (47%) of voters say yes.

Some of the questions take a more light-hearted approach. Peoples-poll shows that at least half the British have had enough of each other by the time they take a holiday abroad - 50% of respondents say they try and avoid other Britons on holiday! Hugh Bell, the brains behind, is pleased that his website visitors respond as much to serious queries as they do to frivolous ones. "We know that people love to respond to questions about celebrities and the like, so that they'll have grist for the gossip mill," according to Bell.

"But it's reassuring to see that so many voters react vociferously to issues that impact their lives and the lives of others." Results of many of those substantive surveys that touch health, politics, and breaking news, among others, are forwarded to decision-makers for their consideration. And it is not unheard of for them to actually take into account what respondents to The People's Poll have to say. Hugh Bell feels the sharing of results with movers and shakers is one of the most attractive features of his online polls. "Voters can be assured that what they say and how they feel really do count. And if that sounds like fantasy, just consult some MPs who'll set you straight."
CONTACT: Toby Hall, GTH Media Relations
Tel: +44 (0)171 467 0607
e-mail:, Hugh Bell, No-Limits Ventures , Tel: +44 (0)171 580 5700

Super Jumbo in the works at Boeing.
Boeing Co. is likely to proceed with development of a larger 747 jumbo jet in the next few years according to Phil Condit. The company has been studying the possibility of building what it calls the 747-X for a long time, however until now Boeing has questioned whether there is a large enough market to justify such a move. Its main rival Airbus Industrie of Europe plans its own super-jumbo jet, the A3XX, but Boeing now hopes to beat the Airbus delivery by at least one year. Boeing's existing 747-400 is the biggest passenger aircraft at present, capable of carrying 416 passengers 13,500 km. The expanded version would carry 500 passengers me than 14,000 km.

Barnes to Manage Indonesia's Tasik Ria Resort
Tasik Ria Resort, located near Manado's renowned Bunaken National Marine Park, is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Jeremy H. Barnes as General Manager for their 34 room boutique property. American-born, Mr. Barnes began his hospitality career some 20 years ago, holding positions with Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines in Haiti, Hilton Hotels in Abu Dhabi, UAE and, most recently, as GM of Kungkungan Bay Resort in North Sulawesi, Indonesia. He is also the founding Chairman of PATA, North Sulawesi Chapter. As GM, Mr. Barnes will work to increase awareness of Tasik Ria Resort as a holiday destination for the European and North American markets. JLN. TRANS RAYA SULAWESI, TASIK RIA
MANADO 95351, NORTH SULAWESI, INDONESIA, (431) 824445 Fax: (431) 823444

U.S. Air Traffic Control Poorly Coordinated?
An air traffic control study finds poor communication and lack of standardized equipment and training hampering management of the system's 56,000 flights per day. The study by the Federal Aviation Administration, with assistance from the major airlines, confirms problems that led to last month's steps to centralize management of the system and reduce excessive spacing of aircraft. (
see below)

For the Front Door to Africa visit:

Australian Hotel Fills Spare Rooms With Online Auctions.
The Rydges Hotel chain will auction rooms in its Australia and New Zealand hotels and resorts over the Internet through Yahoo! We were intrigued enough with the idea, we're mentioning it here for the benefit of our hotel industry readers.

LAS VEGAS PLAYS HOST TO PATA: Top travel planners from the Pacific Asia region will meet with suppliers from throughout the Americas from September 19-23 at the 14th Annual PATA-VUSAMART in Las Vegas, Nevada. This will mark the third time that Las Vegas has hosted the event. Renowned as the single most popular destination for travellers from Japan and Pacific Asia, Las Vegas attracted nearly 800,000 travellers from Asia last year and expects to see the numbers rise this year.

dian based travel giant:
Teal blue jackets are coming to Africa, as Vancouver, BC-based franchiser Uniglobe Travel International opens its southern Africa region operation. The first African Uniglobe agency will open in South Africa next month, and the company will begin marketing Uniglobe franchises in South Africa at the start of next year.

LAUNCHES 2000 PRODUCT "AFRIKA 2000 & Beyond"

Magical Holidays 2Afrika, best known for it's "unbeatable value" air & land packages to Southern Africa, including South Africa, Zimbabwe and Namibia, launched it's 2000 product range "AFRIKA 2000 & Beyond." It includes hotels/lodges/resorts as well as transfer rates, optional sightseeing tour rates & car rental.

SOUTH AFRICA HOLDS GREAT POTENTIAL: PATA's South Africa Sales Mission (August 22-September 3, 1999) will take participating PATA members to 10 South African cities including Durban, Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town, and emerging markets such as Helderberg, Somerset West, Port Elizabeth and Bloemfontein. Participants will gain product exposure, make key outbound contacts and collect market intelligence. Contact Ms. Goon Yoke Ching, Director-South Asia. Fax: (65) 225-6842. E-mail:

Accor expands worldwide leadership in the economy lodging and presence in U.S. Market: Accor and Red Roof Inns, jointly announced that Accor plans to launch a tender offer to acquire all outstanding shares of economy lodging company Red Roof Inns, Inc. at a price of $22.75 per share. The total value of the transaction, including assumption of debt, is slightly more than $1.1 Billion.

Americans Travelers visiting Kenya: In an effort to boost tourism, Kenya has lifted VISA requirements for US citizens visiting Kenya for 30 days or less. Visa requirements are also lifted for those from Canada, Japan, Austral, New Zealand and several European countries. Safety concerns kept visitors away after the bombing of the US embassy in Nairobi . Also some travelers avoided the region after eight foreign tourists were killed in a safari park in neighboring Uganda. For information contact Kenya's National Tourism Office in New York.

Saudi Arabia opens to Tourism: Africa's Northern neighbor, Saudi Arabia is rich in historic sites and desert atmosphere but it has never welcomed Western tourists - until now. The oil-rich desert kingdom has recently opened its doors to upscale travel groups, including tours sponsored by Harvard and Stanford universities' alumni organizations and now it's the Smithsonian Associates. The museum-affiliated group already has sold out a fall trip but another one will depart Jan. 13, 2000, and a third departure is under consideration for October 2000. Travelers will be required to follow the country's strict laws and customs. Visitors will have to cover all but their hands and faces and women will have to wear aboyas, the traditional black floor-length robes. The trip will visit Madain Salih, an archaeological site said to resemble - and rival - Petra in nearby Jordan. The group also will tour the capital city of Riyadh; Dhahra, where oil was first discovered in 1938; and Jeddah, the birthplace of Mohammed and gateway to Mecca, which is off-limits to non-muslims. The 14-day trip leaves from New York's JFK airport and costs $7,150 US, including air, accommodations, meals and visa. Info" 202-357-4700.

Kiss bow or Shake Hands? Some general guidelines on greeting and terms of address. An excerpt from Swissair Gazette In-flight Magazine. Physical greetings: Businessmen in the United States and Britain rarely have to endure a kiss on each cheek from another man. Even in countries where such greetings are common (Italy and Russia, for example), A kiss is generally reserved for relatives or good friends. A foreign businessman will have to do a lot of relationship-building to reach the point at which he is greeted with a kiss. When this happen, the easiest thing to do is to stay still and let kiss-initiation person move his head. Otherwise your noses may collide!

In Asia, Westerners rarely master all the intricacies of a bow. The basics usually suffice: bow from the waist, and the person with the lower status bows more deeply. When greeting Westerners. Many Asians follow a bow with a handshake. As any politician can attest, strong handshakes can hurt. North Americans and Australians should moderate their strong handshakes overseas. Many Asians who do shake hands actually perform a hand-clasp, with no pressure and very little pumping. To give emphasis to a handshake, it is permissible for each person to place their left hand over their clasped hands.

Forms of Address: There are very few countries in which business people address each other by first names after a short time. In Germany and Switzerland, for example, even long standing business partners may choose to address each other by their surnames. North Americans commonly use their first names, and are notorious for losing credibility by using first names overseas.

Degree of politeness: Some Asian languages have several degrees of politeness. To know which level to use, Asians need to know their counterpart's standing in society. Hence they often ask very personal questions of foreigners, such as how much they earn or how many employees they supervise, to determine the level of politeness required. If you find such questions too personal, simply decline the answer, or say that it is not something that is usually discussed in your culture.


With offices in Arlington, Va. and Moscow, Russia, Space Adventures is developing a U.S.-based spaceport from which passenger sub-orbital space flights will begin operations before 2005. For more information about Space Adventures, visit or call 1-888-85-SPACE or 1-703-524-7172.

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New Credit Card's for Everyone
Do you or a member of your family have a problem with credit rating? Toronto's Home Capital Group has designed a new visa card especially for Canadians who have been unable to obtain a credit card from their banks. The new cards will be available in september, 2000.
Capital City Airlines Looking at Abbotsford or Vancouver
A new airline in Edmonton is promising to start serving Prince George within two weeks - then expand southward to operate routes out of Abbotsford or Vancouver. Capital City Air is hoping inexpensive fares will bring it traffic in a market in which Air Canada and its subsidiaries command 90 per cent of revenues from domestic scheduled passenger services. Paul Phee, 34, marketing manager with Capital, said: " We wrote our business plan before Air Canada took over Canadian Airlines but in expectation that major change was coming?

"We knew that the situation was unstable and that something had to happen. Our timing was perfect." Capital, which will operate out of Edmonton City Centre (formerly called Edmonton Municipal Airport) has bought three 19-seat Jetstream twin turboprops and is to take delivery of another two. The company has taken on 50 non-union employees and is awaiting certification by Transport Canada before starting service out of Edmonton to Fort McMurray, Grande Prairie, Calgary, Letbridge, Medicine Hat and Prince George. There will be an introductory round-trip fare of $100 between Prince George and Edmonton, while regular fares will range between $250 and $500, depending on when they are booked.


"Largely ignored in the concern of the Air Canada monopoly has been the gouging at the regional level,' Phee said. 'It creates a market opportunity for us" Capital is talking with Canada 3000 and with American Airlines about acting as a feeder to those carriers. "American wants to develop new links in Canada and we can assist," Phee said. Capital is looking at using Vancouver or Abbotsford as its southern base in B.C. - and Abbotsford it its first choice. "We see tremendous opportunity operating out of Abbotsford to Victoria, Kelowna, Prince George, Penticton, Castlegar and Cranbrook," Phee said.

CanJet Airlines set for Fall Launch
Halifax - CanJet Airlines, the latest discount air carrier to take flight in Canada, says it will launch its first plane in September. The airline, operated by the IMP Group in Halifax, received approval from the Canadian Transportation Authority yesterday to open its reservation system. Its call centre in Bathurst, N.B., opened to handle to company's phone bookings for flights starting Sept. 5 CanJet said planes could be in the air by August , but that it will depend on whether the new company receives its certificate. CanJet plans to offer up to three daily flights between Toronto, Ottawa and Halifax, and two daily flights between Toronto and Windsor, On.

New Hyatt Regency Opens Doors in Calgary
Having worked in the Calgary media world for almost 2 decades, we share the city's pride in attracting a great name in hoteldom. That's why we were pleased to receive the following news release from FWJ, Hyatt's Alberta public relations firm: On May 22, 2000, after two years of construction, Hyatt Regency Calgary Hotel opened its doors for business, offering Hyatt guests around the world a new destination in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Now you can fly Abbotsford to Toronto via Canada 3000 Airlines, which is proving to be one of the most popular connections and has been running full since it started in June, 2000. 

Now! Inflight E-mail Service
Our editors have enjoyed flying via Cathay Pacific on our trips overseas via New York and have always raved about their quality of service. Now here's another item we're proud to tell you about. Hong Kong-based Cathay Pacific Airways is joining with Tensing Communications, a leading global internet service provider headquartered near Seattle, to become the first airline in the world to provide passengers with inflight e-mail and Intranet services across its entire fleet. The new service is scheduled to begin operation in the second quarter of 2001. Cathay will install an inseat-power system that will allow passengers to use their notebook computers to access e-mail and intranet using a standard USB connection.

Statistics Canada conducted a survey of 87,000 Canadians aged 15 years and over and covering activities in the 1996 calendar year. The report shows that twenty million Canadians participated in one or more nature-related activities in 1996. Canada's natural wealth in outdoor adventure opportunities also attracted more than 1 million visitors from the U.S. In total, participants spent $11.7 billion dollars enjoying these pursuits and helped sustain 215,000 jobs in the process. In fact, nature-related activities contributed $12.1 billion towards the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and generated $5.4 billion in tax revenues. The survey reports are available at Environment Canada's web site at

Arctic National Parks for Canada: Interested in organizing Millennium Adventure Tours to these remote areas? Call Air Highway's fax 604.681-6595 or e-mail today. From Parks Canada - Three new national parks to sit "on the top of the world. "The federal government has signed a deal with the new northern territory of Nunavut to add 80,000 sq. km to the park system.

Water works!
We read in the local media that Chilliwack's drinking water was found to be the best in BC. The award was made by a panel of judges at the Canadian Water Resources Association Conference held in Nova Scotia this June. Twenty-four communities from seven provinces and one territory entered the Municipal Drinking Water Challenge that judged the samples based on taste, smell and appearance. I often remember how Nanton, Alberta (south of Calgary) turned drinking water into a major tourist attraction. When the main highway went through town, there was a giant tap sign announcing the best drinking water in the country. A surprising percentage of motorists, ourselves included, stopped almost every time for a sip. Another town, Cochrane, 10 miles west of Calgary, made its mark on tourism with ice cream from a small shop called McKays.

North Vancouver Waterfront home for Canadian Navy Warship?
There are plans for the HMCS Annapolis ( decommissioned in 1996), to be docked on the North Shore waterfront. Annapolis was built by Halifax Shipyards, and its primary duty since 1964 was to carry Sea King helicopters. The 10 member HMCS Annapolis Society was formed to bring the ship to North Vancouver for permanent display, and will use volunteer labour to convert the ship into a museum and cultural facility. David Shirlaw, Society founder, expects some funding from movie-makers, since a similar vessel was used for an episode of the X-files. 'It is in excellent condition on the inside,' according to Shirlaw. "It's the last one of its type available on the West Coast and we really wanted to see it preserved."

South Africa welcomes Canadian based travel giant:
Teal blue jackets are coming to Africa, as Vancouver, BC-based franchiser Uniglobe Travel International opens its southern Africa region operation. The first African Uniglobe agency will open in South Africa next month, and the company will begin marketing Uniglobe franchises in South Africa at the start of next year. For the Front Door to Africa visit: