MINISTER OF TRANSPORT                                                                          MINISTERE DES TRANSPORTS


July 23, 1996

Mr. Jerry W. Bird
Editor and Publisher
Air Highway Journal
Suite 403, 43 Powell Street
Vancouver B.C. V6A IE9

Dear Mr. Bird:

It gives me great pleasure your readers and to congratulate you and your Editorial staff on the publication of this first issue of Air Highway Magazine of Open Skies.

Canada's ' Open Skies'  agreement with the United States has highlighted the important role that air transportation plays in tourism and trade. In little more than a year the new agreement has created the world's most competitive Aviation Market in support of the world's largest trade and travel relationship.

Since the agreement was signed in February of 1995,  Canadian airports have seen the introduction of more than 100 new scheduled transborder passenger services. 

Vancouver International,  profiled in this edition of Air Highway Journal together with 30 other Canadian gateways has been one of the major beneficiaries of the new bilateral air agreement.

' Open skies,'   the National Airports Policy and other initiatives our government has taken in the air sector are helping to ensure that Canada' air transportation system supports tourism and trade - key elements of economic growth and job creation. As Minister of Transport, I will continue to promote the critical link between transportation and tourism and strive to ensure that Canadian transportation policy works for tourism, trade and job creation.

Yours sincerely

David Anderson